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Easter Traffic Update: N4 Toll Route

Date: 2008-03-18

The Easter weekend (21-24 March) is one of the busiest periods on the N4 toll route. Trans African Concessions appeal to road users to plan their journeys and travel out of peak periods, where possible.

Although no construction activities will take place during the Easter weekend period, some construction areas may still impact on the flow of traffic. Delays may be experienced on the N4 toll route, especially along the Wonderfontein to Belfast construction area. Motorists are advised to exercise extreme caution in this area, to adhere to speed limits and to travel outside of peak periods, where possible.

Numerous incidents are reported of road users speeding through construction sites. This is an extremely dangerous practice as it puts you, your passengers, other road users and workers at risk. Trans African Concessions appeals to road users to reduce their speed where construction is underway and to adhere to the construction speed limits.

Variable message signs and local radio stations will inform of delays or problems.

Electronic variable message signs on the N4 toll route will be displayed near Milly’s and Ultra City. These signs will inform you of expected delays or problems on the route. Trans African Concessions will also update local radio stations with regular traffic reports.

Easter Emergency Rescue Project

Trans African Concessions supports the Easter Weekend Emergency Rescue Helicopter Project which was launched by a community radio station, Radio Kragbron, in 2006.

All emergency, rescue and law enforcement services participate in the rescue project from the Middelburg Toll Plaza on the N4 for the duration of the Easter weekend.

“This community initiative is aimed at saving lives on accident scenes and supporting road safety. Trans African Concessions commend the efforts of all our partners in this valuable project,” says Arthur Coy, CEO of Trans African Concessions.

Safety is a priority

Accident statistics along the N4 toll route continue to indicate that tyre-failure is one of the main causes of serious accidents. This is borne out by the Automobile Association (AA) which also indicates that tyre-failure is a vital factor in thousands of road accidents every year. Furthermore, research by the CSIR indicated that nearly 20% of accidents involving minibuses have tyre-failure as a contributing factor.

Based on this evidence, Trans African Concessions warn all road users to have their tyres checked regularly and to have it replaced and fitted at reputable service providers. “Never assume that your tyres are in good order. It won't help if you have the best brakes on the market, but your tyres are worn,” says Grant Stock, traffic engineer at TRAC.

TRAC’s roadside assistance service on standby – 24/7

The TRACassist service is fully operational along the N4 toll route from Pretoria to Komatipoort. This service is deployed by Trans African Concessions to minimise security risks and give motorists peace of mind when stranded on the N4. Although TRACassist does not provide a workshop facility for broken down vehicles, patrol officers will assist road users with minor problems, or assist to acquire reputable help. TRACassist officers will remain with stranded motorists until problems are resolved.

The TRACassist contact number is displayed at regular 2 kilometer distances along the N4 on special blue road marker boards. Giving the reading on these marker boards will help the TRACassist team to immediately dispatch patrol officers to the exact location on the N4. TRAC’s roadside assistance vehicles are clearly marked and identifiable.

It is advisable to keep the TRACassist number at hand while traveling on the N4. The number is: 0800 8722 64 (0800 TRACN4).

Take extra care on these sections


Traffic congestion and delays may be experienced over a 20-kilometre distance due to expansion work on this section of the N4 toll route. This is a dangerous spot. Any accidents will have a severe impact on traffic flow. Remain patient, obey road signs and adhere to speed limits. Avoid peak traffic periods, if possible.


Road noise may be experienced. The road surface is being rehabilitated and causes the noise. A quiet asphalt surface will cover the road in the near future.

East of Machado Plaza to the SAPPI mills

The road east of the Machado Toll Plaza is being resurfaced and may influence traffic flow for a short period.

Schoemanskloof Road

Road users may experience bumps in the road. Work is underway to improve the situation. Drive carefully.

Resano Garcia (Lebombo Border Post) to Moamba

Work is under way improving the road surface. Take care where there may be no road markings.

Issued by: Anita Heyl

On behalf of: Trans African Concessions