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N4 Route Update December/January

Date: 2007-12-04

What follows is a comprehensive update on the N4 route from Pretoria to Maputo, including information on road side assistance, road works, and road accident statistics. If you are using this route in December/January, please take note of this information for your own safety on our roads.

During December, a marked increase in traffic is expected along the N4 route from Pretoria to Maputo. Although it is difficult to predict traffic patterns, traffic volumes on the N4 are expected to peak on December 07, 14 and 21.

Road users are advised to plan their journeys well in advance. Ensure that vehicles are in good working order, allow sufficient time to rest and refresh while traveling and wear seat belts. Stay alert while driving and exercise caution at all times. When possible, it is advisable to travel during at day time.

Trans African Concessions will ensure that everything possible is done to make road users’ journeys as pleasant and trouble-free as possible.

TRAC’s Roadside Service (on the N4) Adds Value

Trans African Concessions’ new roadside assistance service, TRACassist, is now fully operational along the N4 from Pretoria to Komatipoort. This service is provided seven days a week, 24 hours per day, including public holidays.

TRACassist has been implemented to give road users peace of mind when vehicles break down and motorists are stranded. TRAC also hopes to minimise security risks in these situations with its roadside assistance service.

Although TRAC does not provide a “workshop facility” for broken down vehicles, its roadside assistance officers will provide basic assistance, or call for help from reputable service organisations. TRACassist officers will remain with the stranded person/s until help arrives or until the vehicle is repaired/towed.   

Motorists are advised to keep the TRACassist number at hand while traveling on the N4. The number is: 0800 8722 64 (0800 TRACN4). TRAC’s roadside assistance vehicles are clearly marked and identifiable.

Look out for the blue kilometer marking boards on the side of the road. By giving the reading on the kilometer marking board, the TRACassist team could immediately be dispatched to your exact location on the N4. The TRACassist number is also displayed at regular 2 kilometer intervals on these blue boards. 

Route Update – Maintenance, Upgrading and Rehabilitation

Trans African Concessions has a contractual obligation to manage and maintain the N4 toll route. The provision of a defect-free road, however, necessitates continuous roadwork projects such as   construction, upgrading and maintenance activities.

These activities are undertaken at great expense and ultimately provide a safer road of a world class standard. TRAC is aware that roadwork projects can cause delays and frustration. During peak periods, construction work is limited to minimise disruptions, but cannot be halted.

Motorists are advised to familiarise themselves with areas where delays may be expected prior to their journey. TRAC also appeals to road users to look out for road signs indicating road works ahead, to remain patient, adhere to the speed limits and drive with caution.

The following rehabilitation actions are in progress:

Section 3: Concrete Section: Witbank to Middelburg

The preparation work for the rehabilitation of this section of the road has been completed. The individual cracked concrete slabs were broken, removed and replaced.

The next phase of the rehabilitation process is in progress. The concrete slabs are sealed with a rubber modified bitumen seal to absorb the movements of the slabs to prevent the ingress of water into the concrete pavement structure.

Motorists are requested to drive carefully, especially at night time. Only the centre line of   carriage ways will be marked and no reflectors will be installed. Completion of the seal work is expected by early January 2008.

A noisy drive will still be experienced for the next 2 - 3 months. After this period a thin asphalt layer will be placed over the seal to provide a quiet and smooth ride. This process of rehabilitation of a concrete road is, to TRAC’s knowledge, a first ever. Around R45-million will be spent to fix this section of the N4. All the work should be completed by end of May 2008.

Section 4c and 4d: Woest Alleen to Wonderfontein

TRAC also plans to rehabilitate and re-surface this section of section of the N4 to provide smoother driving conditions. The rehabilitation work will cost more than R25-million and should start early February 2008.

Section 6e: East of Machado Plaza

This section, situated just east of the Machado Plaza, is relatively short. Some of the asphalt overlay need to milled and replaced. It is mainly on the uphill west bound stretch where work will be done. It is expected that the work will negatively influence traffic flow, but only for a short period of time. The process will take approximately one month and is not expected to have a major impact on the toll plaza.

Section 6N: Schoemanskloof Road

Motorists should be aware of unexpected bumps or uneven road surfaces at kilometer 25 on the west bound lane of Schoemanskloof (N4-6Y). Work on this section of the road should be completed before the December peak traffic period.

Section 16: Resano Garcia to Moamba

The surface of this section of road has become brittle and was in need of rejuvenation. A thin bitumen fog was sprayed on the surface and a “surface-correction’ slurry is now being put on a portion of the road. A stretch of approximately 25 kilometers of road is affected. TRAC will endeavour to have all the road markings done before the mid-December traffic increases.

Section 5a: Wonderfontein to Belfast

Work is progressing well, albeit rather slowly. Motorists will experience slow traffic conditions over most of the 20 kilometer stretch where work is in progress. Unfortunately, the nature of the work does not allow for accommodating traffic more effectively. A special team of road maintenance staff will make sure that the road is safe at all times. 

Motorists are warned that the wet weather frequently experienced on the escarpment, could reduce visibility. This causes dangerous travel conditions.

About 9 months of the original 26-month construction period has now lapsed.

Road User Assistance – TRACassist and Route Patrols

Total road users assisted by TRAC (up to October 2007): 1330 

Breakdown: 573

Flat tyres: 335

Fuel: 76

Vehicles removed: 330

Other: 16

Road Accident Statistics – N4 Toll Route

(N4 Toll Route – these statistics are for the existing N4 Toll Route from Pretoria  to Maputo)


1.       99 vehicles were reported to be involved in accidents in South Africa and Mozambique –  79 in South Africa and 20 in Mozambique.

2.       53 single vehicle accidents were reported – 47 in South Africa and 6 in Mozambique.

3.       7 side swipe accidents were reported – 2 in South Africa and 5 in Mozambique.

4.       7 head-side collisions occurred in South Africa.

5.       4 multiple pile-ups were reported in South Africa and 2 in Mozambique.

6.       5 head-on collisions were reported –  3 in South Africa and 2 in Mozambique.

Top 5 causes of accidents in October 2007

1.       Speeding

2.       Negligent driving

3.       Lost control

4.       Pedestrian

5.       Tyres – blow out

Issued by:               Anita Heyl

On behalf of:          Trans African Concessions