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Media Release: Heavy Vehicles Restricted Entrance at Crocodile Bridge

Date: 2007-11-22

Vehicles weighing more than four tons will not be allowed access through Crocodile Bridge Entrance Gate of the Kruger National Park (KNP) until at least October 2008.

According to the KNP’s HOD Technical Services Mr Blake Schraader, cracks have formed on the deck of the low water bridge over the Crocodile River which will make it extremely hazardous for heavy vehicles to cross the bridge.

“We apologise for any inconvenience that this move might cause, but assure our guests that we will improve the situation at Crocodile Bridge Entrance Gate with an extensive upgrade which will probably be completed by October 2008,” said Mr Schraader.

In the meantime, vehicles weighing four tons or more will be able to use other gates in the vicinity, the closest being Malelane Entrance Gate which is situated 70kms away from Crocodile Bridge Entrance Gate.

Sedans, SUVs, Open Safari Vehicles and other vehicles weighing less than four tons will still be able to use Crocodile Bridge Entrance Gate as normal.

The low water bridge itself will be strengthened and raised by 1,9-metres which will dramatically cut down on the time the bridge has to be closed because of the rising levels of the Crocodile River.

The Entrance Gate will also benefit from the current KNP Infrastructure Development Programme (IDP) with a R2,2-million drive through system of boom gates similar to the one recently opened at Phalaborwa Entrance Gate. This Entrance Gate will be constructed away from the Crocodile Bridge Rest Camp, thus negating the need to enter the camp to access the KNP, and it will decrease the traffic congestion currently experienced at this camp.

“We hope that this development will also make Crocodile Bridge Rest Camp quieter and more relaxing as there will no longer be the constant traffic going through the camp,” concluded Mr Schraader.

The Camp’s reception will also move to a bigger building as one of the camp’s storerooms will be converted for this task. Additional staff housing, an upgrade to the water reticulation system and the power supply system will also be completed during this upgrade programme. In total, the upgrade to Crocodile Bridge Entrance Gate and Rest Camp complex will cost R9,4-million.

“We would just like to assure regular visitors to the KNP that the work currently happening at just about every facility in the park will result in a much better park but that we apologise for any inconvenience that it might cause,” concluded Mr Schraader.

Crocodile Bridge Rest Camp and Entrance Gate complex is situated on the banks of the Crocodile River in the extreme South Eastern tip of the KNP. It is near the town of Komatipoort and the Ressano Carcia border post with Mozambique is close by.

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