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Tree Tagging in KNP

Date: 2007-11-08

Members of the Bushveld Region Honorary Rangers recently completed a project to identify and mark (tag) trees in the Northern (Nxantseni) region of KNP.

They were assisted in this by Pierre Terblanche who has donated a lot of time, effort and money to this project. According to the Bushveld Region, he has sponsored most of the approximately 800 tags that were used in Punda Maria, Shingwedzi, Mopanie, Olifants and Letaba rest camps, as well as Sandriver Bushcamp and Phalaborwa Gate. The other sponsor for the gate and Shingwedzi has been FOSKOR in Phalaborwa.

Not only did Terblanche give of his time and money, he was also instrumental in helping to identify the trees to start with. As a member of the South African Dendrological Society, trees are one of his biggest passions.

As a result of his continued support of the region and SANParks the Bushveld Honorary Rangers decided to give him their “Friends of SANParks” award. Assisting him has been Neville Gobey from the bushveld region, and Pierre’s wife, Regina.