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October Sighting of the Month

Date: 2007-10-30

Our Public Sighting Gallery receives dozens of great pictures every month, and we've decided to introduce the "public sighting of the month" to acknowledge the excellent entries. Eric Reisinger, SANParks photographer and photo editor, selects the photo, which is displayed on our home page.

This brilliant image of a Ground Hornbill is December's winner because of its exceptional clarity as it captures a unique moment. The picture was taken by Ludwig  Endres from Bavaria.

An unusual picture of the well loved Southern Yellow Billed Horn Bill is, well, unusual", explains Eric Reisigner, SANParks Photographer and Photo Editor. That's why he chose this image of a Southern Yellow Billed Hornbill as November's Public Sighting of the Month. Aside from the fact that this image technically very good, the photographer makes the ordinary extraordinary, "and perhaps the next time you see one of these birds, you'll look at it with fresh eyes" he adds. The image was taken by Godfrey Budler, near Lower Sabie.

This picture of a crocodile with the carcass of a young hippo, taken by Yolande Oelsen, is the October winner. It was taken on the Lower Sabie bridge in KNP in February 2007.

This picture of a Spotted Hyaena with a Leopard carcass, taken by Aden Gower, is the September winner. "It's an unusual picture and Aden did well to capture it", explains Eric Reisinger, SANParks photographer and photo editor. Apparently the leopard in the picture died of old age.

This picture of a Black Backed Jackal with a Springbok head is the joint winner for August 2007, along with the image of this African Wild Cat stalking. Both pictures were taken in Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park by Arnoud Quanjer from the Netherlands.

This picture of young Bataleur Eagle taken near Olifants is the winner for July. The picture was taken by Iver Sondergard, from Denmark. This image was selected for its exceptional 

April has two winners-Eric Reisinger, our SANParks photographer, judged both to be unique images.

The cheetah picture was taken by Francois van Wyk south on the S112 and was selected because it is such a clear image and because it is unusual to find a cheetah with a kill so close to the road. The images submitted also clearly show the kill in progress.

The image of the crocodile with the young impala was taken by Louise Dauven from Belgium. This picture created some interest among SANPark scientists and they were able to identify this well known croc who resides in Biyamiti Wier from the image.

The March highlight was taken by Perry de Graaf, from Rotterdam, the Netherlands, near Leubron in the Kruger National Park. Eric chose this photo because of it's technical excellence-the image is sharp, the colours subtle but effective, and the composition striking.