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Volunteers Needed for Biodiversity Survey 2007/ 2008

Date: 2007-10-22

Kruger National Park Scientific Services will be undertaking extensive biodiversity surveys in southern Kruger National Park (KNP) from Monday 10 December to Wednesday 31 January 2008.

There are opportunities for volunteers to join the survey team during this six week survey period. Should you be interested in joining the team on a voluntary basis, we welcome you, but please take note of the following:

• Volunteers will be expected to stay for the entire 7 weeks as you will be allocated specific tasks in the survey team that will require some training.

• SANParks/ Scientific Services will only supply accommodation during the surveys. This might be camping or staying in tents, depending where the team is working. Once the surveys are complete, volunteers will have to arrange their own accommodation if they would like to stay longer in the KNP after the surveys have been completed.

• There will be no transport to the Kruger Park. Volunteers will have to arrange their own transport to get to the Kruger Park. Transport will be provided to the various survey sights.

• Free entrance to the Kruger Park will be arranged.

• Volunteers must be aware that Skukuza and the various other places where work will be done are very remote and there is very little other entertainment.

• The work will be physical and involve digging holes and carrying heavy equipment. Volunteers must be physically fit with no health problems.

• Work will be done on a purely voluntary basis and volunteers will not receive any payment for the work they will do.

• Volunteers will be handling mice, lizards and other small animals and should not be nervous working outdoors in a wildlife area or with handling small animals and insects.

• Volunteers will be requested to sign an indemnity form as work will be done out in the field in the Kruger National Park and could potentially be dangerous.

• We require volunteers to be fit, healthy, self sufficient, hard-working and to be capable of working as part of a team. It will be very hot working in Summer and volunteers must bring their own water bottles and sun protection.

Dates for the surveys may change slightly, but you will be notified timeously.

Volunteers will be responsible for all their own personal effects including insect repellent and sun-block, bedding and food. Volunteers should note that the KNP is a malaria area and taking anti-malarial medication is advised. Please consult your doctor.

Preference will be given to South African graduates with savanna experience.

Please contact Michele Hofmeyr for more information.