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Media Release: Procedure regarding scattering of ashes in the KNP

Date: 2013-10-30

This practice, which has been in place for years has reached a stage wherein management now finds containers, caskets/urns, small tombstones, crosses, memorials or other symbols of remembrance placed or attached against rocks, trees, look out points and other structures in the Park; which is not allowed in a National Park.

“We would like to inform people who place such items without permission from Management that their items would be removed as they contaminate the environment and detracts from the ambience of the Park. Not only is this a contravention of the National Environmental Management: Protection Areas Act No. 57 of 2003; but it is also disrespectful to other visitors to the KNP,” said the General Manager: Conservation Manager, Dr Freek Venter.

As per the policy, visitors are welcome to send in written requests to scatter ashes in the bush or to place plaques/benches in memory of their loved ones but permission must be granted by Management beforehand. The relevant staff will then find the proper locality for them, in line with the conditions and relevant legislation; as long as no item is left behind and there is no private ceremony that may impact on the experience of other visitors. 

It must also be noted that approval for these requests does not constitute current or future unrestricted, free access to the park nor does it allow exclusivity for family members over any other visitor to the Park. 

Scattering ashes in the Kruger
Some of the unauthorized urns, containers and photographs which were removed from the KNP’s Mathekenyane Look-out Point and Stevenson-Hamilton Memorial Site recently.

Illegal memorial in the Kruger
Illegal symbols and memorials attached against trees in the KNP.

Unlawful plaques in the Kruger
Ranger staff removes one of the unlawful plaques attached on the rocks.

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South African National Parks (SANParks), Kruger National Park Cmmunications
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William Mabasa
General Manager: Communications and Marketing, Kruger National Park
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