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Media Release: Sniffing Out Crime in KNP

Date: 2006-10-12

Kruger National Park (KNP) Rangers have another powerful ally in the fight against poaching and illegal movement of wildlife products, this time with four legs.

Called Grant, this four year old Border collie dog has been trained to assist with the detection of wildlife products and is now on constant alert to assist KNP rangers.

His handler, Inspector Oosie Oosthuizen from the White River Dog Unit of the South African Police Service (SAPS) says Grant works quickly and quietly and is not aggressive in any way so visitors to the park need not fear him.

“But Grant will certainly find what he is looking for, even if it is stashed away in a car or hidden under ground,” he said.

From now on, Grant will regularly work with KNP rangers, KNP Protection Services personnel, traffic officials and SANParks Corporate Investigation Service (CIS) in the fight against all forms of poaching and related illegal activities in the park. He will also assist in the searching of vehicles at road blocks and be on hand during other anti poaching operations.