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Public Judging of the SANParks Writing Competition begins...

Date: 2006-08-30

We have received a wonderful selection of quality entries for our inaugral SANParks writing competition. Thank-you to everyone who has made the effort to make this competition a success.

However, your job is not done... the public judging of the competition begins today, Monday 4 September 2006, and continues until the 5 October 2006.

We are inviting all members of the public, SANParks staff members, competition entrants and their family and friends to assist us in the public judging process. You can do this by reading through the entries on the website, and then voting for your favorites to win first, second and third prize in each category in the competition.

The winners and runners-up in each category are simply the entries with the most votes! Please note that the names of the entrants will not appear with their entry. The entries will be identified by a reference number only. Note also that you may only vote consider your decision carefully before doing so!!!

We estimate the voting process will take about 1 month. We do however reserve the right to alter this time-frame depending on how the voting progresses...

We thank-you in advance for your participation. Using our forum poll to judge this competition is a new concept and we hope that you'll have as much fun with this idea as we have had so far...

SANParks launched this competition as a way to rediscover our parks through words....we hope that by participating in this competition in some way, you will have done the same!

If you would like more information on the voting process, have any questions, or are a little confused by how it all works, please contact Dianne on (012) 426 5019 or e-mail