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Media Release: KNP clamps down on rule breakers

Date: 2005-12-29

More than 320 fines were issued for various offences in the Kruger National Park (KNP) from December 15 – 27, 2005 by KNP traffic officials.

Fines for speeding made up the vast majority of this total with 259 fines issued. Other fines included driving without a valid driver’s licence, trespassing (driving in the KNP without a permit), failure to declare weapons, alighting/protruding from a motor vehicle, playing loud music and travelling with the vehicle’s doors open.


This is in spite of the warning issued previously this month by the KNP’s Executive Director Dr Bandile Mkhize who said in a KNP media statement on Thursday December 15, 2005:

“We would like to warn guests and others who partake in such activities that our law enforcers would show no mercy if they find anyone transgressing the laws of the Kruger.”

Speed limits on KNP roads are restricted to 50 km/h on tar and 40 km/h on gravel for the following reasons:

-  The roads are relatively narrow and are not designed for high speed, therefore it is unsafe;

-  Animals often use the roads and, not only are they in more danger of being run over if vehicles are speeding, but also there is a possibility that the vehicle could run into a larger animal like a buffalo, rhino or elephant;

-  There is always the possibility that drivers could loose control of the vehicle they are driving and crash, and as the roads in the KNP are remote, it might take many hours before help can arrive;

-  Although most animals are used to vehicles, a vehicle that speeds makes more noise and could spoil other people’s game watching experience;

-  Most guests who come to the KNP do so to enjoy the peace and quiet and a speeding vehicle will naturally disturb this.

Fines for speeding in the KNP can vary from around R100 to an immediate Court appearance, depending on the speed of the vehicle and nature of the road surface.

Other offences and their corresponding fines include:

-  Trespassing – R400
-  Hunting (poaching) – Court Appearance
-  Cut, damage or destroy tree or plant – R500
-  Feed animals (including hyena and bushbuck at rest camps) – R400
-  Get out or protrude from vehicle – R500
-  Drive on “no entry” road – R500
-  Obstruct free flow of traffic – R500
-  Disturb others with loud music (etc) – R400
-  Littering – R400

It has also been reported that guests and other officials are using the KNP’s 24 hour Emergency Call Centre (013 735 4325) to report various incidents that range from car accidents to lost children. Guests to the KNP are invited to report any incidents, including rule breakers, to this number and the officials on duty will report those incidents to the relevant authorities.

“We know that most of our guests not only obey the rules of the KNP but also help us to enforce them by sending us photographs and reporting transgressors. For this absolute loyalty we are most grateful,” concluded Dr Mkhize.

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