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Conservation Management


To support the KNP mission by providing professional guidance, auditing and specialist services for conservation management, through an integrated and sustainable soci-ecological approach.




  • Produce policies and guidelines for biodiversity and wilderness conservation
  • Take part in joint management activities with contractual parks and other adjoining areas
  • Recruitment and training of rangers
  • Liaison with rangers corps
  • Liaison with honorary rangers corps
  • Influence the drafting of environmental legislation
  • Ensure compliance with Protected Area, Biodiversity and other environmental legislation

Terrestrial Biodiversity and Wilderness Conservation

  • Fire management, e.g. patch mosaic burning
  • Veld Condition Assessments (VCA&rsqu;s)
  • Water distribution and artificial provision
  • Wilderness monitoring, management & auditing
  • Area integrity
    • Alien and invasive organisms
    • Erosion
    • Disease
    • Fencing
    • Illegal exploitation (poaching)
  • Population survey and management
    • Animals (culling)
    • Problem animals
    • Plants
  • Auditing of ranger compliance (ranger diary, weather, VCA, etc.)
  • Alien Plant Control
    • Strategic evaluation, interaction and planning for alien biota control (i) throughout the KNP, (ii) in areas affecting the Kruger National Park (KNP), (iii) SANP-wide, for continual improvement of such plans and control of alien plants, in line with the mission and objectives of the KNP and SANP.
    • Develop programmes, and where necessary policy, for the effective control of alien biota (primarily plants), so as to limit their dispersal and maximize control efforts of aliens on an ongoing basis.
    • Implementation of control programmes and other alien biota activities
    • Liaison, communication, co-operation, sharing of expertise and advice within the KNP, SANP and with numerous outside organisations and interested parties on a regular basis to maintain support and provide advice on the best methods of obtaining alien biota control objectives.
    • Overall management of the Alien Biota Section.
    • Design and implement monitoring programmes throughout KNP.

Aquatic Biodiversity Conservation

  • Environmental Flow Assessments for rivers:
    • Environmental Reserve
    • Instream Flow Requirements
  • Water quality minimum standards:
    • Licensed effluents
    • Pollution incidents, etc.
  • Compliance with Water Act
  • Integrated Catchment Management
    • Catchment Management Agencies (CMA)
    • Water User Associations (WUA)
    • River forums
    • DWAF
  • River Health Programme


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