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6th Annual Kruger Network Meeting 2008 - Presentations

DAY 1 - 21 April 2008

Session: Welcome (Chair: Judith Kruger)

08h00 Welcome Kruger, JM
08h05 Opening Address Mkhize, B

Session: Balancing the Socio-Ecological System (Chair: Judith Kruger)

08h20 Priority Collaboration Areas for Protected Area Management Agencies Mabunda, D
08h35 SANParks and the active use of the concept complexity Biggs, H
08h50 Complexity: How it changes our approach to research and decision making Rogers, K.H
09h20 Resilience and thresholds in savannas: nitrogen, rainfall and fire as drivers and responders of vegetation transition Gillson, L and Ekblom, A and Willis, K.
09h35 System Ecology: Future challenges Grant, R et al
09h50 Resilience of ecological communities: why and how should we measure it? Kotschy, K and Rogers, K.H
10h05 Discussion
10h15 TEA

Session: Atmospheric Effects Objective(Chair: Danie Pienaar)

10h45 Monitoring environmental change in the savanna biome: An overview of the activities of the SAEON Ndlovu Node Stevens, N and Swemmer, A
11h00 Long-term changes in the herbaceous layer of two private reserves in the Lowveld Buitenwerf, R., Swemmer, A and Peel, M et al
11h15 The role of El Nino-Southern oscillation in the population dynamics of African buffalo Marshal, J.P. et al
11h30 Climate effects and population performance of selective versus bulk feeding herbivores in the Kruger National Park Seydack, A.H.W., Grant, R., and Smit, I. et al
11h45 Disappearance of sable antelope (Hippotragus niger) from the Kruger National Park in relation to variation in rainfall, NDVI and burning regime. Le Roux, E., Parrini F, and Owen-Smith N
12h00 Poster: Principal component analyses reveal unexplained distribution changes of large herbivores in Kruger NP, South Africa Chamaille-Jammes, S, Fritz, H, Owen-Smith, N

Session: Consequences of Climate Change on Biodiversity Patterns and Functions (Chair: Danie Pienaar)

12h02 Poster: Climate change and the future vegetation of the Kruger Park: a modelling approach Scheiter, S and Higgins, S.I.
12h04 Poster: Impacts of climate change and variability on vegetation in the Great Limpopo Transfrontier Park Sinden, L, Archer E.R.M and Piketh, S.J
12h06 Discussion
12h30 LUNCH

Session: Water in the Landscape: Hydrological Regimes Objectives (Chair: Izak Smit)

14h00 Determining the hydro-geomorphic setting of the Sand River's headwater wetlands, hydrological consequences for and findings thus far on rehabilitation attempts Riddell, ES, et al
14h15 Poster: Development of an integrated catchment/river model for adaptive learning and ecosystem management on the Crocodile River system using the Acru2000 and QnD models Kiker, G
14h17 Poster: The use of Water Evaluation and Planning System (WEAP) in the Sabie River: towards equitable water management scenarios under climate change and population growth Vieira, M.L. and Erasmus, B.F.N.
14h19 Poster: Application and testing of a Strategic Adaptive Management system for freshwater protection, associated with implementation of South Africa’s national water policy McLoughlin CA, et al
14h21 Discussion
14h30 TEA

Session:Water in the Landscape: Associated Biodiversity (Chair: Izak Smit)

15h00 Measuring changes in aquatic biodiversity Buchanan, SK
15h15 The development of a conservation framework for southern Africa freshwater fish using Opsaridium peringueyi as a reference species Fouche P, et al

Session: Succession (Chair: Izak Smit)

15h30 The interaction between climate, geomorphological processes and herbivory on riparian trees in the Shashe-Limpopo TFCA Page, B.R
15h45 The scaled nature of vegetation along the Shingwedzi river Barichievy, C. and Rogers, K.H
16h00 The influence of stream order on riparian biodiversity in the Sabie River: The links between compositional, functional and structural diversity Tye, N.D and Rogers, K.H

Session: Consequenes of Water Provisioning (Chair: Izak Smith)

16h15 Spatio-temporal soil and vegetation patterns in piosphere systems in the Kruger National Park Matchett, K, Kirkman, K, and Morris, C et al
16h30 Landscape functionality and conservation management in the southern African savanna Farmer, H, Witkowski, E and Peel, M,
16h45 Discussion

DAY 2 - 22 April 2008

Session: Herbivory (Chair: Peter Scogings)

08h00 Scale of habitat selection by African elephants De Knegt, H, Van Langevelde, F et al
08h15 Differential distribution of browse biomass in African Savannas: Elephants are among of unavoidable architectural engineers. Kohi, E.M et al
08h30 Re-visiting Elephants Pretorius, Y; de Knegt, H; and van Langevelde, F et al
08h45 Elephant impact on Sclerocarya birea and Acacia nigescens on protected areas in the eastern Lowveld, South Africa Peel, M, O'Connor, T and Grant, R
09h00 Modelling the impact of fragmentation on elephant population dynamics Sterk, M W.F. de Boer, J.D. Stigter, van Langevelde, F and Prins H.H.T
09h15 Elephants and Elephants: Woodland impact in northern Botswana - the future for Kruger National Park Teren, G and Owen-Smith, N
09h30 Development and testing of a spatial model of elephant, vegetation and fire dynamics for scenario-based management simulations Kiker, G
09h45 Scientific Assessment of Elephant Management in South Africa Scholes, RJ and Mennell, KG
10h00 TEA
10h30 Factors affecting foraging behaviour of browsers in savannas Mkhize, N.R, Scogings, P.F, and Luthando E. Dziba, L. E et al
10h45 The impact of large mammal herbivores on woody vegetation in the Sand Forest of Phinda Game Reserve Lagendijk, G, Page, B and Slotow, R
11h00 Modeling the impact of browsing pressure on the nutritional status of a re-introduced black rhino population Shaw, J. A., Helary, S. and Owen-Smith, N

Session: Plant-Animal Interactions (Chair: Rina Grant)

11h15 Low molecular weight phenolics in six tree species at the Nkuhlu exclosure Hattas D., Hjälten J., and Julkunen-Tiitto R et al
11h30 Phenolics, shoot growth and photosynthesis of abundant tree species during the wet season at the Nkuhlu Exclosures, Kruger National Park: 2005-2008 Scogings, P.F., Rooke, and T., Hattas, et al
11h45 Effects of browsing and water availability on Dichrostachys cinerea and Combretum apiculatum saplings Mamshela, C.T., Shabangu, B.P., and Scogings, P.F. et al
12h00 Spatial separation between low density and high density grazers: Sable Antelope, Buffalo and Zebra in the Kruger National Park Macandza, V, Owen-Smith, N and Erasmus, B.F et al
12h15 Discussion
12h30 LUNCH

Session: Plant-Plant Competition (Chair: Hugo Bezuidenhout)

13h30 Root distribution for trees and grasses in a savanna system February E and Higgins, S
13h45 Tree-grass-grazer interactions: Future projects on disappearing trees in African savannas Treydte, A, and Jeltsch, F
14h00 Bankrupt seed-banks constrain bush encroachment du Toit, J; Hebbelmann, L; and Wragg, P
14h15 Tree and grass water-use in a changing savnnah system Kulmatiski A, Beard K.H, ver Weij R and February E
14h30 Poster: Competitive interactions between savanna trees and grasses: experiments on the multiple factor that influence the early seedling recruitment Barbosa, E.R.M
14h32 Discussion
14h45 TEA

Session: Primary Production (Chair: Hugo Bezuidenhout)

15h15 Modeling Total Browser and Black Rhinoceros (Diceros bicornis) Carrying Capacity Relationships in Africa Adcock, K
15h30 Predicting browse seasonal growth for evergreen, semi-deciduous and deciduous savanna tree species in northern Zululand Penderis, CA and Kirkman, KP
15h45 Relationship between herbaceous biomass and 1-km AVHRR NDVI data in Kruger National Park Wessels, K.J
16h00 A comparison of two methods for producing spatially explicit herbaceous biomass estimates from MODIS satellite data Dwyer, P.C., Erasmus, B., and Witkowski, E. et al
16h15 Remote Sensing Assessment of Tree Cover and Land cover change detection in KNP and surrounding regions Vogel, M; Main, R and Jobst, C
16h30 Spatial patterns of NDVI derived vegetation phenology metrics and rainfall (1985-1999) in the Kruger National Park, South Africa Parrini, F and Erasmus, B
16h45 Discussion

DAY 3: 23 April 2008

Session: Impacts of Herbivory on Biodiversity (Chair: Sam Ferreira)

08h00 Keystone herbivores and key resource areas in Kruger National Park: Unlocking biodiversity and large herbivore abundance Fynn R.W.S
08h15 Termites as Creators of Environmental Heterogeneity Gosling, C; Olff, H and Cromsigt, J
08h30 Megaherbivores and their impacts in northern Australia: lessons from Kruger Cook, G.D
08h45 Small vertebrate monitoring on the KNP Intensive Monitoring Sites Deacon, A.R
09h00 Poster: How does the feeding habits of elephants influence ground hornbills? Henley, M.D, Henley, S.R.and Hagens, Q et al
09h02 Poster: Take a nap: Sleeping behaviour of free-ranging male African elephants (Loxodonta africana) during the day Gandswindt, A and Muenscher, S.
09h04 Discussion

Session: Terrestrial Components of the Hydrological Cycle (Chair: Sam Ferreira)

09h15 The effects of the manipulation of water supply on tree - grass interactions Higgins, S., February, E and Bond, W.J
09h30 Water use of two savanna tree species in relation to leaf phenology Verweij R.J.T., February E. Higgins S. and Bond W.J
09h45 Discussion
10h00 TEA

Session: Fire (Chair: Winston Trollope)

10h30 Where there is a spark is there fire?: the importance of ignitions in determining fire regimes in southern Africa Archibald, S., Scholes, R.J., and van Wilgen, B
10h45 Savanna fire ignition research experiment (SAVFire) - promoting grassland and savanna heterogeneity for African wildlife through greater pyrodiversity Trollope, W.S, Govender, and N, Austin, et al
11h00 SavFire - The Savanna Fire Research Experiment, a Socio-scientific Partnership Trollope, L, Trollope, W and Austin, C
11h15 Exploring fire-derived phase switches in woody -grass vegetation states in Madikwe Game Reserve Brockett, B and Bunting, S.C
11h30 Poster: The distribution of large herbivores in a fire-managed savanna grassland: assessing the role of bottom-up processes Burns, C, Zinn, A, and Govender, N et al
11h32 Discussion

Session: Soil Erosion (Chair: Tony Swemmer)

11h45 Total erosion rates across Kruger National Park are 2-5 m My-1 Chadwick, O

Session: Decomposition and Nutrient Cycling (Chair: Tony Swemmer)

12h00 Pyromineralization of soil phosphorus Hartshorn, T, Coetsee, C, and Chadwick,O
12h15 Clay distribution on granitic catenas along climo-topographic gradients in Kruger Khomo, L.M., Hartshorn, T.S., Chadwick, O.A. and Rogers, K.H
12h30 Poster: Soil respiration experiment at Skukuza, Kruger National Park Makhado R.A, Scholes R.Jand Kubheka W.M
12h32 Discussion
12h50 LUNCH

DAY 4: 24 April 2008

Session:Disease and Parasitism (Chair: Peter Buss)

08h00 Detection of Babesia and Theileria parasites in white rhinoceroses (Ceratotherium simum) in the Kruger National Park, and its relation to anaemia Govender, D and Penzhorn, B.L
08h15 Consequences of Corridor Disease (Theileria parva) in the re-introduced buffalo population at Marakele National Park Hofmeyr M.S
08h30 Multispecies cyanobacterial (algal) bio-intoxication events in the vicinity of two man-made impoundments in the Kruger National Park Bengis R.G, Govender D. and Keet D.F
08h45 Poster: Determining baseline blood chemistry values of free ranging African buffaloes (Syncerus caffer) and the effect of bovine tuberculosis Joubert, J and. Bernard, R.T.F
08h47 Discussion

Session: Factors and Processes (Chair: Peter Buss)

09h05 Poster: Effects of anthropogenic sources of food on the diet of hyaenas inside Hwange National Park Fritz, H
09h07 Poster: Heterogeneity in the density and distribution of spotted hyaenas in Hluhluwe-iMfolozi Park, South Africa Graf, J; Somers, M; Szykman, M and Slotow, R

Session: Pollination (Chair: Peter Buss)

09h10 Understanding the relationships between fig wasps and fig trees Warren, M and Greeff, J.M

Session: Land Classification (Chair: Freek Venter)

09h25 Land cover change in the Central Lowveld: tracking annual changes in the Kruger to Canyon Biosphere Reserve (1993 - 2006) Coetzer, KL., Erasmus, B, and Witkowski, ETF et al
09h40 A New Look at the Landscape Consequences of Population Resettlement from Protected Areas Milgroom, J and Shaffer, L.J
09h55 Discussion
10h10 TEA
10h40 The characterisation and classification of first order catchments in Kruger National Park Cullum, C and Rogers, K
10h55 Poster: Conceptual model for sustainable natural resource use in South African National Parks Scheepers, K

Session: Habitat Patterns (Chair: Freek Venter)

11h10 Mapping sodic sites in the Kruger National Park using remote sensing and object-based classification techniques Kleyn, L
11h25 Plant biochemical maps of forage quality in African savannas using hyperspectral imagery Skidmore, A.K et al
11h40 Plant nutrients, the long term influence of fire Knox, N.M, Bektas, F, Skidmore, A.K et al
12h10 Discussion
12h30 LUNCH

Session: Autecology of Selected Taxa (Chair: Llewellyn Foxcroft)

13h45 Cages and poles: Acacia life histories and their implications Bond, W.J., Staver A.C., Schutz A., Cramer M
14h00 A DNA barcode for all trees and shrubs of the Kruger National Park (KNP) Lahaye R, Van der Bank,, and Maurin Olivier, et al
14h15 A molecular phylogeny of the Acacias of the Kruger National Park (KNP) van der Bank, M, Maurin, O and, Lahaye, R
14h30 Poster: What don't we know about Sclerocarya birrea subsp.caffra? Helm, C.V and Witkowski, E.T.F
14h32 Discussion
15h00 TEA

Session: Genetic Documentation (Chair: Llewellyn Foxcroft)

15h32 Population Summary and Genetic Structure of the Southern Kruger National Park Wild Dogs Edwards, J.M., Davies-Mostert, H.T., and Somers, M. et al
15h50 New Pilot Studies of KNP Ecosystems with the Carnegie Airborne Observatory Asner, G, Smit, I and van Aardt, J
16h00 Discussion

DAY 5: 25 April 2008

Session: Alien Impact (Chair: Markus Hofmeyr)

08h00 Tuberculosis in wildlife populations - a global perspective Michel, A.L
08h10 Zoonotic TB: risks and flow Uys PW, Hoal EG, and Bengis R, Cooper D, Jolles, A and van Helden P.D
08h20 BTB surveys and statistics Buss, P. E and De Klerk-Lorist, L
08h30 Does Frequent Exposure to Mycobacterium bovis affect Lion Existence? Keet, D.F
08h45 The interpretation of lion call-up surveys Ferreira, S M. an.d Funston, P.J
09h00 Lion population dynamics: prey and disease effects Funston, P.J. and Ferreira, S.M
09h15 Do termites facilitate the invasion of southern African savannas by exotic shrub? Masocha M, and Skidmore A.K
09h30 Alien plant invasions in African savannas Foxcroft, L.C. Richardson D.M. and Rejmanek, M
09h45 Current spread and mode of dominance of a new potential ant invader in the Kruger National Park Sithole, H, Parr, C.L and Smit, I
10h00 Discussion
10h15 TEA

Session: Approaches to Collect Relevant Data (Chair: Stefanie Freitag-Ronaldson)

10h45 Census sensibility Ferreira, S.M
11h00 Analysis of variance of replicated large ungulate aerial surveys iIn Madikwe Nature Reserve, north west province Nel, H.P., Reilly, B.K. and Knoop, C.K
11h15 A priori valuation of land for species conservation: carrying capacity approaches are flawed Morgan, S, Mackey, R L and Slowtow, R

Session: Learning from Other Parks(Chair: Stefanie Freitag-Ronaldson)

11h30 Cornerstones of biodiversity conservayion?: A cross-continental comparison of key savanna parks Parr, C.L, Woinarski, J.C.Z and Delahunt A
11h45 Post-war wildlife recovery and biodiversity conservation at Gorongosa National Park Beilfuss, R.D. and Pereira, C.L
12h00 Disentangling humans, wildlife and livestock on the road towards the Great Limpopo Transfrontier Park Heitonig, I.M.A and Andersson, J
12h15 Poster: A syntaxonomic synthesis of the entire Kruger National Park vegetation database Mostert, T.H.C, Schamine, J.H.J., Bredenkamp, G.J., and Eckhardt, H., et al
12h17 Discussion


Concluding remarks

Scholes, B



Pienaar, D