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Taking the plunge... Tying the knot... Saying: "I do" - in the BUSH!

Anel and Willie van Rooyen

It is said that nothing can compare to the sheer beauty and magic of an African sunrise or sunset. Imagine a place where time stands still and the many indescribable shades of orange/red and gold cast their hues over the distant horizon, draping the earth with silken shadows.

Beside you stands your partner for life, the one you’ve chosen to walk the journey of happiness and sorrow, trials and tribulations, the one who will be with you always…your love. The moment has arrived for you two to exchange vows that will bind you to each other with a promise of eternal love, and you know that besides your family and friends, there are shy eyes watching from the shadows and trees, witnessing the start of your new life. Your memories start here, turning your nuptials into a memorable experience amongst God’s creation, being one with nature… in total serenity.

South African National Parks have over the years, played host to many weddings and a year later… to christenings too! With unique surroundings, tranquil settings, superb facilities and enthusiastically helpful staff, let us turn your marriage into a memory that will stand the test of time!

With a variety of parks to choose from and accommodation facilities that range from basic to luxury, you are definitely spoiled for choice. And to kick of your honeymoon on a rather wild note, we will even make up a special room just for you and your sweety! Having then taken the biggest step in your life and committing yourself to the love of your life, you can relax with the natural sounds of water or the bushes as nature soothes your senses…

For enquiries as to how we can best suit your needs please contact us on:

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