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Code of Conduct

Visitors to Karoo National Park should abide by the rules and regulations set out by the National Environmental Management: Protected Areas Act, as amended, and all relevant legislation relating to national parks.

Rules and regulations are intended for visitors’ protection and enjoyment. Visitors are encouraged to cultivate a minimum interference ethic to avoid disturbing nature in our national parks.

Travel in the Park

Visitors should remain in their vehicles, unless in a designated area (e.g. picnic spot, lookout point).

Vehicles must remain on designated tourist roads at all times.

The speed limit in the Park is 40 to 50 km/hour.

Visitors may not drive around the Park before sunrise or after sunset. The Park offers guided night drives for those visitors who would like to explore nocturnal Karoo.


Karoo National Park is home to wild animals in their natural habitat.

When walking on hiking trails and around the camp area, please always be aware of your surroundings so that you can recognize any animals approaching you or in your immediate vicinity.

All visitors should stay within the demarcated area at picnic sites and not walk into the surrounding bush.

Please be aware that animals such as snakes, lizards, geckoes, bats, spiders and insects do occur in the Park as it is a natural area and sanctuary to wildlife. Please do not attempt to capture or kill any animal, but seek assistance from park staff if any animal is causing a disturbance.

Please do not feed any animals in the Park. Animals such as monkeys that are fed can become reliant on humans, losing their natural instinct to find food and even becoming aggressive. Ensure that your vehicle and accommodation unit are kept closed when you are not there and that food is out of reach.

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