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Get Married on Honeymoon.

What if you could take the beautiful soothing surroundings of your honeymoon, that peaceful and calming feeling of eternal bliss and happiness, and have it fill out your entire wedding day as well?

Now you can get married and have your honeymoon in paradise, having it all play off in one the most striking natural settings under the African Sun. Imagine saying “I do” to your loved one, surrounded by the many indescribable shades of orange/red as golden rays cast their hues over the distant horizon, mirrored against the majestic sandstone cliffs that surround your wedding venue.

Begin your new life together, along with your new love, your new family and your new friends, in a place that is filled with just the right amount of beauty, tranquility and splendour to serve as both a wedding chapel and honeymoon suite.

Golden Gate Highlands National Park has played host to many weddings (and many christenings!) over the years. With unique surroundings, serene settings, superb facilities and enthusiastically helpful staff, a memorable and superbly gorgeous day is guaranteed. With a variety of accommodation facilities to choose from, ranging from basic to luxury, you are simply spoiled for choice! And to kick-off the honeymoon on a wild note, a special room can be made up just for you and your love.

Having taken the first step into your new life together, you can relax in the natural sounds of Golden Gate’s landscapes, flowing water or echo of the bushes, as the different sounds of nature make your biggest day your most beautiful…

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