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Media Release: GRNP participates in Tjaila Karatara fundraising event

05 January 2010

The Garden Route National Park (GRNP) in its commitment to assist and contribute to the development of the surrounding local communities participated in the Tjaila Karatara Wall fundraising event that benefited the local primary schools around Farleigh.

This fundraising event is assisting the Tjaila Karatara Miracle Project (TKMP). Their main aim is to improve the situation of the children of the primary schools in Ruigtevlei, Karatara and Barrington. The vast majority of children in these schools are from single-income minimum-wage or All Pay households and children of SANParks' employees Most of these children are on school feeding schemes. The proceeds from this event will be channelled to these schools.

SANParks has a partnership agreement with the Working on Fire Programme (WoF) and have a team based at Farleigh. The Working on Fire Programme is a government Expanded Public Works programme ( and the firefighters are recruited from the local communities, trained in fire fighting and various other life skills. The programme provides the local youth an opportunity to learn new skills, improve their self image and confidence through a well disciplined structure. SANParks assists WoF in achieving these goals for the firefighters. The WoF and Farleigh team is also active in the community and SANParks works with the team to not only fight fires but also with:

  • Fire safety awareness campaigns in the local communities and schools.

  • Twice a month, SANParks assists the local primary school with basic maintenance and cleaning of the school grounds.

The following activities were undertaken by SANParks WoF team:

  • Assisted with perimeter security ensuring safe distances for spectators to sit from the burning hay bales, crowd control during stunt.

  • Helped prep and ignited the Wall of Fire.

  • Assisted in setting up all the stalls.

  • Provided SANParks firefighting truck to extinguish the fire.

  • Joint activity with the Sedgefield Fire Department.

  • Assisted with clearing the area.

  • Provided information about fire safety and educated the public about the work being done by SANParks WoF.

The event was organised by Heidi Sonnekus and was aimed at making a meaningful difference to the lives of the youth of the Sedgefield community.

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