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Media Release: Learners interact in Camdeboo National Park

27 July 2011

Successful Holiday Programme

The Camdeboo National Park’s recent holiday programme saw an average of 30 learners per day participating in activities geared towards instilling an appreciation of the natural environment in participants.

The holiday programme, which was held from 11 to 15 July, engaged the learners in various activities with the theme of the natural environment and its importance. Guided walks and exciting educational games ensured learners were actively engaged.

Owing to the success of this holiday programme, Camdeboo National Park will present another holiday programme during the December holidays. Parents who would like to receive updates on upcoming programmes are welcome to email Amy-Lee Pollard on

Upcoming First-ever Junior Honorary Rangers

Meanwhile, the Camdeboo National Park is proud to announce the establishment of the first group of Junior Honorary Rangers-in-training.

South African National Parks’ Honorary Rangers are groups of volunteers who assist national parks across the country with fund-raising, awareness creation and operational support. Junior Honorary Rangers particularly assist with awareness creation among their peers, as well as practical tasks on the ground.

The seventeen youngsters who have become the first ever Junior Honorary Ranger applicants were formerly associated with the Park via the Ekko Club.

After an orientation course, the group assisted with clearing the Eerstefontein Trail. Later, under their own initiative, the youngsters cleaned Impala Street and the surrounding area in Selbou.

The applicants should graduate as official Junior Honorary Rangers by the end of the year, taking on the task of assisting the national park wherever needed and of acting as ambassadors for the Camdeboo National Park.

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