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Augrabies is situated in a semi-arid region, which implies low annual rainfall and extreme variations of temperatures.

In the peak summer months (January / February) the average daytime temperature is 41°C, but highs of 46°C have been recorded. During these months the high temperatures are further aggravated by the many rocks where temperatures can reach up to 70°C during the day. Summer nights are usually more pleasant but temperatures will remain high at around 25°C.

During winter months the average daytime temperature often hovers around 20°C but lower temperatures are a possibility. Winter nights average around 0°C although the temperature drops to -5° occasionally.

Autumn and spring are characterized by pleasant, moderate temperatures.

The average annual rainfall in the park is 124mm, with most rains occurring between November and April. Summer rain usually falls in short, heavy bursts, accompanied by spectacular thunderstorms and strong winds. Winter rains are gentle and last 1-3 days resulting in a flower paradise.

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Sunny< br>Min: 22°C / Max: 36°C

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Did You Know?

  • that Augrabies Falls was proclaimed to primarily protect the geological interest of the waterfall. Another objective was to keep its surroundings in a pristine state, to preserve a section of Orange River Broken Veld and its associated flora and fauna, to provide opportunities for environmental education, and to present an area for research