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The Magnificent Augrabies Falls

06 April 2006

The spectacular wonder that is the Augrabies National Park is once again alive – thanks to the recent rainfalls in the Northern Cape. Over the last couple of weeks, hundreds of visitors from around the country have been flocking to Augrabies, 120kms from Upington to experience the powerful flow of water – unleashed from rocky surroundings.

As can be gleaned from these pictures, the brown water is an awesome sight, and the closer one comes to the water, one can immediately smell the mud in the air, as the water of the Garrib River thunders through the gorge.

The water in this area was last this high in 1996. It is currently running at 1,9 million litres per second. It reached its peak on Wednesday, April 5 – a phenomenon that will last until April 9.

Standing on the newly developed boardwalk at Augrabies National Park, one gets to understand why the Khoi people call the Augrabies Falls, Aukoerabis or the Place of the Great Noise. The main fall is 5 times wider than usual and except for the main fall, 11 other falls are visible from the board walk.

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