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Web Community Choice Award: Nominations Open!

26 March 2007

In light of suggestions made by the SANParks website community, the 2007 Kudu and Chief Executive Awards now include a Website Community Choice Award.

The criteria is as follows:

This award will be for an individual who shall be nominated and voted for on the SANParks website by SANParks stakeholders for exceptional service when dealing with them over the last year (1 May 2006-30 April 2007). The nominee with the most votes receives the award. The end result is final and is solely determined by the public without any input from SANParks. The award will be for someone who interacts with the public during the course of their work.

We now need you to nominate your candidate on the SANParks forum.

If you wish to nominate or vote for someone in this category and are not at present a member of the forum community, register on our forum by filling in this simple form.

You can submit your nomination here giving the name of your nominee, and an account of why you have nominated them.

Nominations will be open until the 5 April. On the 5 April, a poll listing the nominees will go up on the website You will then be able to vote for your nominee. The winner will be the SANParks employee with the most votes from the public.

The SANParks online community currently has 9225 registered members who support SANParks in a number of ways with their contributions to the website, to our parks, and to our projects.

We are proud to be running this as a purely online initiative this year and want to make it a big success! The award nominations will of course provide some well deserved recognition for our unsung heros in the parks (whether they are online or not) and will also be a way of positively positioning this forum and our website community at large! We encourage you to get as many people to vote as possible!


Please e-mail Dianne Tipping-Woods with queries.

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