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The Park encompasses five of South Africa’s nine biomes:

Albany Thicket in the original Addo section (also in the Kabouga, Colchester and Nyathi sections), Fynbos in the Zuurberg section, Forest in the Woody Cape area and Zuurberg section, Nama Karoo in the Darlington section and Kuzuko Contractual Area of the Park and the Indian Ocean Coastal Belt on the seaward side containing remarkable displays of coastal dunes and coastal grassy plains.

Albany Thicket Biome

Fynbos Biome

Forest Biome

Nama-Karoo Biome

Indian Ocean Coastal Belt


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Information above compiled by: ME Daemane & H Bezuidenhout, CSD, Kimberley, May 2009

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Did You Know?

Did You Know?

  • Addo incorporates the largest coastal dune field in the southern hemisphere


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