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Species List

Reptiles Species List
Common Name
Scientific Name Status
Cape cobra
Naja nivea  
Bitis arietans  
Albany adder
Bitis albanica very rare
Night adder
Causes rhombeatus  
Bitis atropos  
Horned adder
Bitis cornuta  
Dispholidus typus  
Hemachatus hemachatus  
Herald/Red-lipped snake
Crotaphopeltis hotamboeia  
Olive house snake
Lamprophis inornatus  
Night snake
Lamprophis aurora  
Brown house snake
Lamprophis fuliginosus fuliginosus  
Speckled house snake
Homoroselaps lacteus  
Wolf snake
Lycophidion capense  
Spotted harlequin snake
Philothamnus semivariegatus  
Speckled bush snake
Bitis atropos  
Green water snake
Philothamnus hoplogaster  
Natal green watersnake
Philothamnus natalensis occidentalis  
Shovel-nosed snake
Prosymna sundevalli  
Mole snake
Pseudapsis cana  
Duberria lutrix lutrix  
Common eggeater
Dasypeltis scabra scabra  
Dappled sandsnake
Psammophis notosticus  
Crossmarked sandsnake
Psammophis crucifer  
Black-bellied watersnake
Lycodonomorphus laevissimus  
Common/Red-bellied watersnake
Lycodonomorphus rufulus  
Angulate tortoise
Chersina angulata  
Leopard tortoise
Geochelone pardalis  
Green parrot-beaked tortoise
Homopus areolatus  
Marsh/Helmeted terrapin
Pelomedusa subrufa  
Tent tortoise
Psammobates tentorius  
Rock Monitor Lizard/Leguaan
Varanus niloticus niloticus  
Water Monitor Lizard/Leguaan
Varanus exanthematicus albigularis  
Tasman's Girdled Lizard
Cordylus tasmani  
Cape Girdled Lizard
Cordylus cordylus  
Southern Rock Agama
Agama atra  
Burrowing Skink
Scelotes anguina  
Golden Legless Skink
Acontias meleagris orientalis  
Tasman's Burrowing Skink
Acontias percivali tasmani  
Slendertailed Legless Skink
Acontias gracilicauda gracilicauda  
Smith's Striped Skink
Mabuya homalocephala smithii  
Cape Skink
Mabuya capensis  
Common Skink
Mabuya varia  
Striped Skink
Mabuya striata  
Cape Grass Lizard
Chamaesaura anguina  
Marico Gecko
Pachydactylus mariquensis mariquensis  
Spotted Gecko
Pachydactylus maculatus maculatus  
Essex's Leaf-toed Gecko
Goggia essexi  
Peringuey's Gecko
Phyllodactylus peringueyi  
Puffadder Gecko
Phyllodactylus maculatus  
Common Cape Gecko
Phyllodactylus capensis  
Smith's Dwarf Chameleon
Microsaura taenibroncha  
Gray's Dwarf Chameleon
Microsaura ventralis  
Dwarf Chameleon
Bradypodion ventralis  

Please note: this list is not comprehensive and may not include all species of reptiles found in the park. The list includes reptiles found in the main game area.

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