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EIA: Malelane Safari Lodge

03 October 2014

Appendix A: Maps Document
Regional Orientation and Locality A.1
KNP CDF Zones A.2
Local Orientation and Land Uses A.3
Layout: Lodge (Preferred Alternative) A.4a
Layout: Lodge (Layout Alternative) A.4b
Layout: Park & Ride A.5
Layout: S114 Realignment A.6
Sensitive Environments: Lodge (Preferred Alternative) A.7a
Sensitive Environments: Lodge (Layout Alternative) A.7b
Sensitive Environments: Park & Ride (No trees) A.8
Sensitive Environments: S114 Re-alignment A.9
Appendix B: Photos Document
Park & Ride photoplates B.1
Site Photographs B.2
Appendix C: Facility Illustrations Document
Radisson Hotel Entrance C.1
Radisson Hotel Entrance C.2
Radisson Hotel Lounge C.3
Springbok Lodge Tent C.4
Appendix D: Specialist Reports Document
Ecological Assessment D.1
Riparian Study D.2
Invertebrates Study D.3
Avifauna Study D.4
Heritage Impact Assessment D.5
Social Economic Assessment D.6
Hydrogeological and Geotechnical Study D.7
Visual Impact Assessment D.8
Appendix E: Public Participation Document
Public Participation Process E.1
Appendix F: Environmental Management Programme Document
Draft Environmental Management Programme F.1
Appendix G: Impact Tables Document
Malelane Impact Tables G.1
Appendix H: Details of the Environmental Assessment Practitioner Document
Details of EAP and Declaration of Interest H.1
Appendix I: Declaration of Interest from Specialists Document
Riparian Vegetation I.1
I-Scape I.2
Warren McCleland I.3
Heritage Consultant I.4
Pachnoda Consulting I.5
I.C. Sharp I.6
Tony Barbour Environmental Consulting and Research I.7
Appendix J: Other Reports Document
Waste Management Plan J.2
Lodge Utility System J.3
Lodge Electrical Reticulation Layout J.4
Report on Potable Water J.5
Lodge Water Reticulation Layout J.6
Report on Waste Water J.7
Lodge Waste Water Reticulation Layout J.8
Report on Roads and Stormwater J.9
Lodge Roads and Stormwater J.10
Park & Ride Roads and Stormwater J.11
Roads and Walkways Cross Sections J.12
Swing Bridge Design J.13
Services Trench Detail J.14
Electric Fence Design J.15
Flood Line Report J.16

EIA: Proposed Upgrade of the Ratelrivier Homestead and Associated Infrastructure for Tourism Accommodation in Agulhas National Park, Western Cape Province

26 September 2013

EIA Notice

EIA: Proposed construction of the new Klein Mooimaak Rest Camp and Upgrade of the Existing Kraalbaai Day Visitors’ Site at the West Coast National Park, Western Cape

12 September 2013

EIA Notice

EIA: Proposed Sewer Plant at Cape Point, Table Mountain National Park

EIA: Proposed Development of a Hotel in the Kruger National Park (confluence of the Timfenheni and Crocodile Rivers)

01 March 2012

Appendix 1: Plan of study Document
Plan of study 1A
Appendix 2: Correspondence with DEA and other Authorities Document
Application form and land owners consent 2A
DEA notification of change of reference number 2B
DEA receipt of previous scoping report 2C
DEA approval of extended comment period 2D
DEA rejection of previous scoping 2E
DEA receipt of Waste Management License application 2F
DEA confirmation regarding re-advertisement 2G
Request for exemption from re-adevertising for WML 2H
Correspondence between SANParks and Regional Land Claims Commission 2I
Appendix 3: Facility Layouts and Design Specifications Document
Site Layout 3A
Gatehouse plan and section 3B
Service facility plan 3C
Main lodge basement plan 3D
Main lodge complex elevations 3D
Main lodge complex sections 3D
Main lodge elevations 3D
Main lodge ground floor plan – Rev11 3D
Single unit plan – Rev2 3E
Family room elevations (2) 3F
Family room elevations 3F
Family unit plan 3F
Conference centre elevations 3G
Conference centre plan 3G
Wellness centre 3H
Housekeepers room plan and layout 3I
Family centre plan 3J
Welcome centre perspective 3K
Welcome centre plan 3K
Welcome centre site plan 3K
Appendix 4: Services and Layout Specifications Document
Bio filter plant 4A
Waste water layout plan 4A
Waste water long section 1 4A
Waste water long section 2 4A
Proposed road re-alignment 4B
Roads and stormwater layout plan 4B
Roads and walkway cross sections 4B
Services trench detail 4C
Park and Ride electrical reticulation layout 4D
Safari resort reticulation layout 4D
Water reticulation plan 4E
Appendix 5: Specialist Studies Document
Ecological study 5A
HIA report 5B
Geotechnical and hydrogeological report 5C
VIA report 5D
Waste management plan 5E
Works information document 5F
Wet services design intent 5G
Electronic services concept design report 5H
Bio filter information pack 5I
Appendix 6: Waste Management License Application Document
Waste management license application 6A
Appendix 7: Public Participation Requirements Document
Invitation to participate 7A
Background information document 7B
Site Notice 7C
Corridor gazette notice 7D
Lowvelder notice 7D
Sunday Times notice 7D
Notice placed on SANParks website 7E
SANParks press release 7F
Minutes of focus group meeting – 11 March 7G
Minutes of focus group meeting – 12 March 7H
Minutes of focus group meeting – 3 May 7I
Minutes of focus group meeting – 4 May 7J
Notification of availability of initial scoping report 7K
Notification of availability of amended scoping report ILA 7L
Article on community support for project 7M
SANParks request for comment draft scoping report 7N
Stakeholder database 7O
Comments and response register of comment received by ILA 7P
Comments received by V&L 7Q
– Angus Robertson* 1 comment
– Buks Viljoen* 2 comments
– Chris Engelbrecht* 8 comments
– Gareth Morgan* 1 comment
– Gerhard Smit* 12 comments
– Hennie Snyman* 2 comments
– Lizelle Gregory* 1 comment
– Luke Sandham* 1 comment
– Martin Heyneke* 1 comment
– Salomon Joubert* 8 comments
– Terry Bengis* 1 comment
*All correspondence available upon request
Notice to IAP’s 7Q
Comments amended draft scoping received by ILA 7R
– Andrew Schaffner* 2 comments
– Crocodile River Irrigation Board* 1 comment
– Elzet Hurter* 1 comment
– Fiona Macleod* 2 comments
– Francois Retief* 5 comments
– Friedemann Essrich* 6 comments
– Gerhard Hofmann* 1 comment
– Gerhard Smit* 7 comments
– Hennie Snyman* 1 comment
– Jock Safari Lodge* 4 comments
– Liesl Koch* 1 comment
– Linky & Craig Manuel* 1 comment
– Lizelle Gregory* 7 comments
– Majejane* 2 comments
– Mdala* 1 comment
– MTPA* 3 comments
– Pestana* 1 comment
– Philip Ayres* 3 comments
– Rhino Walking* 1 comment
– Ros McEwan* 1 comment
– SAHRA* 1 comment
– Sal Davies* 3 comments
– Salomon Joubert* 7 comments
– Freek Venter* 2 comments
– Theunis Hurter* 2 comments
– Wesley Hattingh* 3 comments
*All correspondence available upon request
Comments Draft Scoping Report received by ILA 7R
– Bokamoso* 2 comments
– EWT* 2 comments
– Johan Verhoef* 2 comments
– KNP Scientific Services* 1 comment
– Liesl Koch* 6 comments
– MEDET* 1 comment
– MTPA* 2 comments
– Rhino Walking Safaris* 3 comments
– Sakekamer* 1 comment
– Tracy Lee* 2 comments
– Wessa* 3 comments
*All correspondence available upon request
I&AP comments received by ILA outside of comment period 7R
– Adele Vincent* 1 comment
– Andre Botha* 1 comment
– Andre Coetzee* 1 comment
– Andrew Wardle* 4 comments
– Ann Murray* 2 comments
– Anne Schauffer* 1 comment
– Anton Smit* 1 comment
– Cees Bakker* 4 comments
– Charlotte Fraser* 1 comment
– Chris Engelbrecht* 3 comments
– Deryl Barlow* 1 comment
– Dick Carr* 1 comment
– Gail Jelley* 1 comment
– Gerhard Nortje* 1 comment
– Glen Dean* 1 comment
– Graham McGill* 2 comments
– Hadwig Hauser* 1 comment
– Hillary Millward* 1 comment
– Hugh Hawarden* 1 comment
– Jacky van der Merwe* 1 comment
– Jacques Villet* 1 comment
– Janet Sutherland* 1 comment
– Jenny Forster* 1 comment
– Jeremy Anderson* 1 comment
– Judy Forbes* 1 comment
– Kai Holschuh* 1 comment
– Lanette Smit* 1 comment
– Lisbeth Scalabrini* 2 comments
– Lotter* 1 comment
– Michaela Carr* 1 comment
– Mike Cohen* 1 comment
– Nicole Beermann * 1 comment
– Peggy Ann* 1 comment
– Peter Betts* 2 comments
– Peter Cooper* 1 comment
– Philip Richardson* 1 comment
– Ria Milburn* 2 comments
– Richard Prinsloo* 1 comment
– Rick Johnson* 2 comments
– Robyn Mowatt* 2 comments
– Rocky Larson* 1 comment
– Rose McLaglan* 1 comment
– Rouen Heiberg* 4 comments
– Russel Robinson* 1 comment
– Salomon Joubert* 11 comments
– Stanley Trollip* 1 comment
– Steve Jooste* 1 comment
– Tony Ferrar* 6 comments
– Tony Hillcoat* 1 comment
– Uwe Schultz* 1 comment
– Vanessa Gueli* 2 comments
– Victoria Blaikie* 1 comment
– Vincent Taylor* 1 comment
– Wayne Calitz* 1 comment
– WESSA* 1 comment
– Wolfgang Weniger* 1 comment
*All correspondence available upon request
Initial PP comments received by ILA 7R
– Bokamoso* 6 comments
– Clean Stream* 1 comment
– Croc River Forum* 1 comment
– Crocodile River Irrigation Board* 1 comment
– Lukimbi Safari Lodge* 2 comments
– Majejane Game Reserve* 4 comments
– Malelane Sakekamer* 2 comments
– Merek* 3 comments
– Meshack* 1 comment
– Nkomazi Municipality* 1 comment
– Pestana Hotels* 4 comments
– Riaan Olwagen* 3 comments
– Riverside Farm* 1 comment
– Rosalind* 1 comment
– Salomon Joubert* 3 comments
– Sithembile* 1 comment
*All correspondence available upon request


Annemie van Jaarsveld
General Manager: Business Development Unit, South African National Parks
Telephone: +27 12 426 5027
Email: [email protected]

EIA: Proposed Developments in the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park

EIA: Proposed Development of a Hotel in Kruger National Park (Malelane)

EIA: Proposed Agulhas Lighthouse Precinct Development

EIA: Skukuza Conference Centre

11 July 2008

For more information on this project please visit the SiVEST website.

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