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SANParks Internship Program with Global Vision International

Internship placements with South African National Parks is administered and coordinated by Global Vision International (GVI). The internship duration varies from 6 months to a year.

With over 15 national parks to choose from, including the world famous Kruger National Park, independent interns with high levels of initiative can apply for these unique and life changing experiences. Interns will work at within the People and Conservation department assisting in environmental education and community development projects.

These long-term internship positions offer independent, ambitious interns the chance to work for one year in and around South Africa’s most famous national parks. This opportunity is exclusive in its requirements and the experience it will bring. If you are seeking a change of direction or a long term, highly immersed experience in the field of conservation and environmental education these internship positions are for you. Interns must be over 21 and will have to undergo a rigorous selection procedure to qualify for this amazing opportunity.

Interns will be placed with the ‘People and Conservation’ department at one of these parks according to priority projects and where your skills are most needed. Interns play an integral part in the implementation of new policies and programs developed by SANParks to integrate local communities into the conservation of the natural and cultural heritage sites within the parks..

Interns will be working alongside social ecologists on various projects in and around parks, such as the world renowned Kruger National Park, coastal parks such as Tsitsikamma, and Table Mountain National park as well as arid parks such as the Namaqua and Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park.

Field Conditions:

Dependent on your chosen park, you will live within beautiful landscapes from wild savannahs to mountains and costal plateaus. Wildlife is abundant and cultural interaction is key. All interns will have their own personal accommodation in the parks, the majority of which has electricity and running water. Interns buy and prepare their own food and vegetarians are welcome.

Program Dates:

All interns should arrive at Johannesburg International Airport. SANParks and GVI staff will meet you at the airport and transport you to your orientation and training location in the Kruger National Park.


The duration can vary from 6 months to a year internship.

Skills Required:

These will vary depending on the National Park and projects being undertaken but the following attributes are required:

  • Very independent and proactive personality is essential.
  • A positive attitude is absolutely vital, willingness to teach and be taught, sensitivity and respect for other cultures.
  • Background in conservation would be beneficial, good people skills and, verbal and written communication skills, artistic skills, education or teaching background, interpretation, materials development, computer skills, initiative takers, project management would be helpful.
  • Qualifications and requirements may vary depending on parks.

Interns are required to pay a contribution to cover the costs of their training, accommodation and field support.

Please contact Global Vision International for more details:

Visit GVI online at or email GVI at for more details. Alternatively call +44 870 608 8898 for more information.

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