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Addo Birding Bonanza

27 March 2007

The honorary rangers of the Greater Addo Elephant National Park present an exciting birding experience from 26 - 28 October when we hold our Addo Birding Bonanza

Please assist with this event by filling in this brief form about the Addo Birding Bonanza after you have read the information below.

Birders will have the chance at over 400 species of birds in five different biomes including Thicket, Fynbos, Grassveld, Forest and Karroo as well as sandy beach, estuarine, freshwater and marine habitats. An array of biodiversity seldom seen.

There will be special offers such as a guided 4x4 trail through the spectacular Zuurberg Mountains ending at Darlington Lake in the Karroo. Another option will be guided horseback trails through mountain fynbos and afromontane forest. Furthermore the guided visit by boat to the marine section of the park in Algoa Bay. This will include St Croix Island where fantastic viewing of African Penguins is available as well as several pelagic seabirds en route to and from the Isles. This is an unforgettable experience with the chance of seeing whales, dolphins and sharks.

Those who opt for the regular package will be guided through a variety of different habitats.

Birding on foot for the fit and energetic will also traverse different biomes in the Zuurberg Mountains.

Also included will be two sociable evenings with speaker and delicious bush food and refreshments.

Accommodation will be available to suit all preferences in the Park and surrounding area.

For further information write to

or phone Mileen at 0827754998

Judy at 0836101090


Basic package R350 (includes registration fee, cocktail, and kudu spit braai as well as breakfast and lunch packs.

Birding experience

a) R150 (Fynbos to forest areas or Sunday’s river marine and estuarine experience or birding by horseback in valley bushveld area.

b) R350 (For 2 people plus R150 extra person for birding on Zuurberg 4x4 trail (driver and vehicle supplied.) R200 if you use own 4x4.

c) R350 Algoa Bay Island boat trip for pelagic and island birding as well as whale and dolphin watching)

Accommodation (per day)

a) R110 camping for 2 people + R38 for add. person

b) R280 Safaris tents for 2

c) R370 Forest cabins for 4 people + R108 for add. person

d) R410 Chalet for 2 people. Rondavel for 2

e) R620 Rondavel for 2.

f) R 750 Chalet for 2 +R180 for add person.

g) R1650 Guest house for 4 + R190 for add. person

h) 38 B&B’s from 150 pp to R550pp.

i) Luxury 5 star accommodations within the park from R700pp to R4400 pp.

Please assist with this event by filling in this brief form about the Addo Birding Bonanza after you have read the information below.

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