How important are the Forum Awards to you?

SANParks Competitions and Forum Awards

How important are the annual Forum Awards to you?

Poll ended at Sat Jul 08, 2017 9:42 am

1. Forum Awards are important - one of the reasons I am on the forums; good for Forum spirit and encouraging participation
2. Forum Awards are not important - they are exclusive/not fair as just a few Forum Members are nominated because they have more time to be on the forums; are good photographers; can visit the parks more often than others
3. I am not bothered either way
4. What are the Forum Awards? Never heard of it.
Total votes: 56

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Re: How important are the Forum Awards to you?

Unread post by Grantmissy »

Meandering Mouse wrote:I would like to encourage more folk to nominate for kudus.

I fully agree :thumbs_up: The monthly kudu rewards recognize the contributions of all forum members on a regular basis.
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Re: How important are the Forum Awards to you?

Unread post by MATTHYS »

The monthly kudu awards is a lovely way of saying thank you for wonderful forum contributions :thumbs_up: MM and Grantmissy :clap:
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Re: How important are the Forum Awards to you?

Unread post by Yoda »

arks wrote:To be honest, I recognise fewer and fewer of the forum members who receive kudus and other "awards", so they must only participate in those areas of the forum where I don't, such as Quizzes, Webcams and Chit Chat. Sadly, IMO the forum has become less and less the source of valuable information about the parks that it once was, one of many reasons why I spend less time here. And why for me forum awards are irrelevant.

Just stumbled on this thread.
And have to agree with this post 100%, in particular the comments which I have highlighted.

On a personal note.
I frequently post in the Books section, sharing titles from my extensive Wildlife Book collection which I think will be of interest to other members. Lucky if I get 1 maybe 2 comments.

A few weeks ago I mentioned in the Chill Room and then started resurrecting old discussions on Kruger Roads. Once again, often get very little response.

I find it very disheartening.
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