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Zebra’s KNP trip : 7 & 8 June 2006

Tell us about your breathtaking experiences in the parks
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Zebra’s KNP trip : 7 & 8 June 2006

Unread post by Zebra » Thu Jun 15, 2006 4:37 pm

Hello friends

I sorry for only write my report now. I am busy write examination now. I write ingles tonight and my ingles report is good practice for me. :D

Last week Wednesday Jumbo and me went in at Crocodile Bridge late in afternoon. On the way to Biyamiti we see warthog, elephant, impala, vultures and macacos(monkeys).



We also see girafa was hurt in his leg. :(
We also saw worms they walk in one line. The people stop and ask where is the Leopard. We say we look the worms then they say we were stupid. :roll:


On S139 we see special animal for me. First time I see Bushbuck. :D Was next to the road and was muito bonito (very beautiful).


At Biyamiti I meet very special friend Jakkalsbessie. :D She is very nice person I happy to meet. I want her to come to Kruger together with Jumbo and me to teach me more passarinhos (birds).

The night we hear Scops owl and Dikkop. We also saw fist time for me Bushbaby.
It was very cold in Biyamiti. After Jumbo braai meat we go inside and sit inside our beds and eat. :lol:

I’m sorry I will finish report tomorrow. Now I go to write ingles. :roll:


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Unread post by Zebra » Mon Jun 19, 2006 1:29 pm

Hello everybody

Thank you for the reading my report, and for say good luck on my examination. You give me courage. :D

On Thursday 8 June, we get up early to go for bush walk. It was first bush walk for me. Before walk I was very scared. I was very scared for get snake but after stating walk I was very relaxed.

Zebra, before the walk


The people taking us on the walk was Jerry and Bejamin. First we drive to Blinkwater. We get out the car and starting walking. On that road Jerry and Bejamin we get big fright we saw a spoor of the Leopard. That spoor was very fresh. :shock:

And we get on the river we saw also lot of spoor for lion.
Bejamin he shows us spoor for the white rhino. He shows us the difference spoor of the white and black rhino – White rhino the toes go in side.

We go in side the bush again Jerry he tells us for the plants.

We find toilet for the rhino then Bijamin he tell us the history.
He tells us the big boss rhino he us the toilet and other male rhino leave dung around toilet, not inside. If new male want to fight he leave dung inside toilet.
We also find road the rhino make because always walk same place.
We saw mud on plants next to road. Then Bejamin he says if the mud still wet the rhino is close.

We saw dung of the genet. Bijamin he says it is small-spotted genet because the dung was thin and long.

Bejamin also show nest for Golden-tailed Woodpecker inside Ironwood tree. He says all Woodpeckers the hole is different shape.

For the bird also saw Grey-headed Bush Shrike and Honeyguide.

Then we went in to river again we have breakfast. Was very nice to sit there on sand. :D

A more relaxed Zebra sharing a laugh with Benjamin


After breakfast we walk in river and find spoor for elephant. They tell us the front foot of elephant is round and back foot is oval. If elephant get fright and run they put back foot in front of front foot.

We also saw spoor of buffalo that run, we saw what side they run to because of sand that was kick up.

The walk was finish, I enjoy very much.
On we get back Biyamiti we saw Brown-headed Parrot.

After walk we go back to Maputo. When we start driver to Crocodile Bridge it starting rain. We very happy not rain when we walk.
On S139 we saw lot of buffalo we have to wait long time for them get out road.


We see the clouds that look very strange. :?


Thau and obrigada

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