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Inclusion of *** and/or Elephant pictures in Travel Tales

Posted: Tue Nov 24, 2015 8:32 am
by hilda
As a result of the announcement by SANParks PR here: Sharing *** and elephant sightings : guidelines, and the fact that the posting of *** and Elephant sightings in trip reports are still allowed, it will be appreciated not to include your pictures in the sequence you saw it during your day drive, because it is sometimes very easy to see in a picture or gather from the route you have driven, where you saw these animals. If you could include these pictures at the end of your trip report, without saying when or where they were seen, there is no way that anybody can guess where they were seen. This means everybody can still enjoy your stunning sightings of these endangered animals without giving their locations away.

Your co-operation in this very serious matter is highly appreciated.