WCCA 2015 : 'Ballot' list

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WCCA 2015 : 'Ballot' list

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Cedric Khoza, Skukuza Office
This relates to the incident when my car broke down. I was fully prepared to walk a couple of trips between the reception office and my bungalow to move all my luggage and the items I had to remove from my car when it was towed. Cedric would have none if it. I was able to load all my belongings onto his bakkie, and he drove me the short distance to the bungalow where he also helped me carry all my luggage and belongings into the bungalow. He also made light conversation the whole time, and by the time he left, I was a lot less stressed than I had been a few hours earlier! His assistance may not seem like a lot, but this small act of kindness meant the world to me. It is great people like him that makes returning to Sanparks a pleasant experience.

Christa von Elling, Hospitality Manager at Shingwedzi Camp
For motivating and inspiring her staff to continue to achieve and reach new heights in customer service at Shingwedzi.

Christa regularlary receives compliments on the her management style, her friendliness towards guests and the service received by the reception and camp staff.

She certainly leads by example and is a great asset to SANParks

Dorris Khoza, cleaning lady at Tshokwane in KNP
She not only performs her duties impeccably and with a smile, but she puts in a lot of extra effort into beautifying the surroundings. She makes lovely flower arrangements for the ladies toilets (don"t know about the mens, maybe someone could help out here?) and has built up a garden of driftwood and stones, rocks and pebble paths around the area. In the garden are planted various indigenous plants such as aloes which, when I saw them in June had reached the flower-bud stage. Dorris has had to protect these beds from the bushbuck whilst the plants are young, so she has covered them with thorn branches, but they really are worthy of a closer look. In addition, Dorris is an articulate, friendly lady who wears her uniform with pride and is a credit to her employers, SANParks.

Eric Bezuidenhout, camp attendant at Gharagab
Another very loyal SANParks employee. He also welcomed us very warmly, took us to our unit (no. 1), informed us how everything works, told us what we may or may not do in the unfenced camp, and made sure there was enough gas for hot water and the fridge and stove, and informed us about recent sightings at the waterhole, etc.

I was enjoying the Kgalagadi so much, that I forgot to charge my camera's battery at Nossob before we went to Gharagab, and while I was taking pictures of Brown Hyenas at the waterhole, I got the dreadful message on my camera's screen "Battery depleted". I was in distress! What would I do the next day and night before I can charge the battery at Mata Mata, our next camp? Fortunately Eric was doing his rounds to make sure everything was fine for the night, and saw my predicament. Wonderful person as he is, he offered to charge my camera's battery at his unit during the night. Early the next morning, while there were two Lionesses at the waterhole, Eric brought me my fully charged battery back.

He also told us that they stay in the camp for two weeks at a time, then they get a week off to go home. He doesn't see his family for two weeks at a time. These camp attendants must be very lonely during these two weeks. They also have to ensure that they have enough food, etc., for the two week period before they go home again.

Eric Minnies, camp attendant at Urikaruus
A very friendly person, who welcomed us very warmly, took us to our unit (no. 3), informed us how everything works, told us what we may or may not do in the unfenced camp, and made sure there was enough gas for hot water and the fridge, informed us about recent sightings at the waterhole, etc. A person that certainly enjoys his job!

When we came back from a late afternoon drive, we told him about a Cheetah mom and two youngsters who were feeding on a Springbok they have caught, and told him he must quickly go and have a look, not realising that he has no transport in the camp. Then we said we'll take him to show him, but loyal to his work as he is, he said he is not allowed to leave the camp, (which we did not know at the time) and thanked us for the offer. Shame, he ended up watching the Cheetahs on our cameras.

He also told us that they stay in the camp for two weeks at a time, then they get a week off to go home. He doesn't see his family for two weeks at a time

Nombuso Shando, Reception staff at Skukuza
I am nominating her for showing a tremendous amount of sympathy and empathy on a day when my car broke down outside Skukuza. I had a reservation for Lower Sabi that night, but she managed to find me accommodation at Skukuza and changed the reservation without any hassle. Her kindness and calm attitude when I was stressed and panicked meant the world to me. She was supportive and went out of her way to help me and to try and make my stressful experience a little less stressful. She is a great asset to the staff compliment at Skukuza.

Richard Ockers, guide at Augrabies National Park
He has a passion for nature conservation, and a very positive attitude towards his work, is very courteous towards the people he takes on drives, and is very loyal to SANParks. He was very informative about the plants, trees, animals, and birds of Augrabies. He is currently still learning to post pictures on the forum, but has posted a few of his sightings on night drives, and is trying his best.

Rodgers Hobyane, superintendent of Tsendze Camp, and
Elina Mona who is assistant superintendent of Tsendze

I nominate them together as they work as an amazing team and together ensure that every guest has a wonderful stay at the camp they manage. I first met Rodgers at Shimuwini some 9 years ago, and when I arrived at Tsendze for my first visit to that camp, he immediately recognised me and made me welcome. Rodgers and Elina do a walk around all the camp sites just after the gates close and check to see that all their guests are settled and need for nothing. The camp is kept in spotless condition by these two diligent and dedicated staff members.

Titus Nkuna, Superintendent of Balule Camp

Titus has been with Kruger for 25 years and for the last 22 years he has been running Balule Camp. He keeps the camp in amazing condition with the sites and ablutions in spotless condition. He is always there to offer advice when asked and always with a smile on his face.

Tshegofatso Raborifi, Marakele National Park
The whole positive and energetic vibe at the EE Centre is because of her! She is a bundle of energy, loves her work and it shows, especially when she works with the children. Tshegofatso is dedicated and she does her work with such passion. Many children and adults who have dealt with her note her enthusiasm. She is one of those staff members who goes the extra mile and does her work with a smile. Even when talking on the phone and organising practicalities or booking the EE Centre, you experience her positivity. I hope this nomination will acknowledge her dedication and positive contribution to SANParks. She is indeed making a positive difference.
- Dalene