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Posting images to the forum

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Dear forumites,

We have in the past had a couple of issues with unwanted or unsavory images being served from hosted providers to the forum viewers, some of you might have been (un)lucky to see some of those.

We have discussed this at length and have made a suggestion to the following: We will no longer promote hosting of images on third party sites such as tinypic, imgur or flickr. Instead we will be making use of the internal attachments functionality on the forums.

When posting a new topic or a reply, you will be finding a new option below your post area with attachments. When using this - you will browse for a file and then update the attachment and choose to insert into the post via inline method.

Please note: This is NOT a rule (as yet) we would like to monitor it and the load that we will get on the site, however, it is prefered that you start using this method.

Any issues with this functionality can be reported to the E-Business team by emailing [email protected].

Please can you all assist in this change by providing any feedback on this so that we can gauge the change and possibly make this a permanent rule.

Thanks in advance