Frog: Brown-backed Tree

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Frog: Brown-backed Tree

Unread post by wildtuinman »

Saw this one in Tamboti over the weekend.

I was wondering why it was such a sluggish and weak jumper as it could not escape my hands when it tried to hop off for cover. It is obviosly more accustomed to trees! :lol:

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Re: Frog: Brown-backed Tree

Unread post by Elsa »

Brown-backed Tree Frog - Leptopelis mossambicus


Squat body.
Square snout.
Large eyes, vertical pupils.
Dark brown horseshoe on tan back.

Belly granular, beige.
Fingers and toes have adhesive discs.
Call: sharp, two syllables "yack-yack" from trees near water.
Eastern tropical and semi-tropical lowveld region.
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