Bontebok - State of Access Road

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Bontebok - State of Access Road

Unread post by GaryDebSmith »

We're dying to try out our caravan, but I've been told that the road to Bontebok is not good for standard caravans. I've seen from previous forums ( even a few years ago) that this has been an issue. Can anyone tell me what it's like now?
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Re: Bontebok - State of Access Road

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I've been to Bontebok in different seasons and the access road should be ok. There are patches with loose big stones, and if it rains you might have to dodge a few puddles here and there but if you take it easy you should be more than fine. The campsite often has mainly (not off road) caravans and very small rental cars also make it without problems :)

I wouldn't go for one of the river side campsites with a caravan if it is not summer though. Even when it's not raining it's often very wet and muddy down there, but the 'normal' campsites are great - one of my favourite campsites actually!
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Re: Bontebok - State of Access Road

Unread post by Munchkin »

We have just returned from a two night stay at Bontebok. We stayed in the chalets but did notice a few caravans in the camp site. The road from the N2 to the Park entrance - 5km's - is a loose gravel road with quite a few potholes (drive slowly), however the road from the entrance of the Park to the campsite is reasonably good - almost seems like it has been regraded recently - with a few speed bumps on a certain section of the downhill - possibly to reduce speed and help to maintain the road. Agreed, if there has been some rain, roads might be a tad muddy, but not unpassable
Also, saw a sign that said that no caravans are allowed at the 'no power / riverview sites' - so don't even try to go there!
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Re: Bontebok - State of Access Road

Unread post by Jonkers »

We just came back and counted several caravans on the campsite
The road was in good condition, we have seen and experienced worse at Bontebok!
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Re: Bontebok - State of Access Road

Unread post by marloise »

Dear All,

We have recently had some work done on the bad patches of road leading from the entrance gate to recpetion and the reception leading to the rest camp. The "speedbumps" on the downhill road to the rest camp is partly to reduce the speeding of vechiles but mostly to help reduce erosion on that part of the road.

We are heading into the raining season, but we try our best to keep our roads in reasonable condition.

I hope you stay at our park will be memorable. If you ahve any further conserns, please don't hesitate to contact our reception on 028 514 2735 before headin to the park.
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Bontebok National Park
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Re: Bontebok - State of Access Road

Unread post by Stoffel »

Hi Marloise

Thanks for this update. But what is the situation regarding the new entrance/reception? This has been completed for quite a few years now. But it is still not in use. It will be such a huge improvement if one can start using the new entrance. Presently the new gate, entrance road and reception building is a proverbial white elephant. And I am sure it has costed SANParks quite a bit of money for the new building. I heard from a neighbour of the park (Hasie Lourens - Mapama) that the delay is because of an issue with the junction of the new entrance road with the N2. Is that indeed the case?
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Re: Bontebok - State of Access Road

Unread post by famkok »

"Bontebok National Park has opened Die Stroom Gate for all visitors. Please use these GPS coordinates: S 34°3.2327' / E 20°25.7654'. The old reception is no longer in use."

Someone took note of your comment at last. Me thinks the "speedy guys" having lunch at the intersection to Ashton kept everyone in suspense for some time.
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Re: Bontebok - State of Access Road

Unread post by MATTHYS »

Good news 8) , thanks for the heads up, Famkok.
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Re: Bontebok - State of Access Road

Unread post by Elsa »

We visited this park last month and the entrance road to the park is, I believe the new one now and just south of Swellendam on the N2.
You cross the railway line, not far at all, a couple of hundred meters and once through the gates the road to the new reception is perfectly fine, also not far.



From the reception looking back towards Swellendam and the beautiful mountains.


Sign board on the road by reception.

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