Historic : Attention New Members

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Historic : Attention New Members

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Hi all,


We look forward to hear your stories...


Must Reads:

Forum Help (please get familiar) - This forum will help you to get familiar with the forum.

Just for all the new members joining, a brief overview of what the members have agreed / not agreed on:

01. When a forum member visits the park, he/she must have a yellow ribbon on the drivers side to be identified.
02. Members must wave a "hello" to all other people in the park.
03. Amarula on ice is a great drink after a hard days spotting.
04. Members must try to do a Bush braai or hiking trail at least once in their lives.
05. There is a club called Club Lits. (Leopards in trees) ... Some agree that you get them and some do not. Proof of a leopard in a tree (photo) will allow you into this club ... that's if you want to join them (mostly angels belong to this club).
06. Musketeers = Males
07. Angels = Females
08. Just so you know :lol:

Also have a look at these threads:

Your Nationality
Members Mugshot
Your Alias
Kudu Nominations
Your Job
Do you have a pet?
My Acre of Africa bricks
Your Language
Webcam Donations
Forum Annual Awards
2008 Forum Award Winners

Some interesting topics
Wilderness Trails - FAQ
Club Lits.

Some interesting info as well (I hope):

01. Our 100th member was - stone.
02. Our 500th member was - muskusossenvirend
03. Our 1000th member was - potty4tea
04. Our 5000th member was - Louis Botha
05. Our 10 000th member was - ChrisHuddart
06. Our 15 00th member was - chikwepe

The forum champs are:
- SANParks
- themba
- MelanieG
- zakiya
- Danie

Please contact any of the mods if you need any assistance!

Most users ever online was 196 on Thu Nov 27, 2008 3:00 pm

Our youngest member at register date is Mickey - 1 Week Old, and the proud mommy is Meg.

Technical Questions
Questions on Images / Pictures.

Site Information wrote:Some site information:
01. The 1st topic created was by Kruger and the topic was Kruger National Park Forum!.
02. The 1st topic created by a Forum Users was Proffie.
03. This 1st registered user was admin ... kind of a given :?
04. The forum was officially launched on the 27th of November 2004 at 16h00.

What do the different Kudu's mean?

{empty space} = a member
Image = Junior Virtual Ranger
Image = Virtual Ranger
Image = Senior Virtual Ranger
Image = Distinguished Virtual Ranger
Image = Legendary Virtual Ranger

Image = Moderator
Image = Guru (SANParks staff)

South African and Afrikaans slang

South African Jargon - a Survival Guide For Visitors
Surfrikan slang
RSA slang

Also, don't forget to put you birthdate in. The year won't show, so we won't know how old you are, unless you tell us.

Hope this helps you all.
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