Garbage separation in Kruger

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Re: Recycling bins

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Please read Garbage separation in Kruger , Allane and Hippotragus.
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Re: Recycling Project in Skukuza.

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I seem to recall about a year ago there was an issue about an open rubbish dump outside Lower Sabie. Does anyone know if this site has been cleaned up?
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KNP launches advanced Waste Separation and Recycling System

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Kruger National Park (KNP) in partnership with Nampak have officially launched the waste separation and recycling system on Friday, 11 March 2014 in Skukuza. The system is aimed at centralising waste separation and recycling for KNP which will be done in Skukuza where all the camps in the southern region of the park will have their waste processed and recycled.

The upgraded system has features that allow upright positioning of processors to separate different waste material on a conveyer belt which will increase productivity and efficiency.

In addition to this contribution Nampak has also donated a truck that will ensure efficient collection of waste and delivery to Skukuza for central recycling. This system comes after Nampak’s innovative placement of bins designed for indoor and outdoor interiors within the Kruger National Park.

“We have for the last 100 or so years been trying all possible ways to manage our waste in the park and today we can proudly say we are making excellent progress, thanks to our Honorary Rangers as well as Nampak. Our park is by its nature supposed to be litter free but because we have human beings, they are also not exempted. We know that without Nampak’s contribution, we would not be having this world class facility and would like to ask you to continue to support us. This donation will go a long way in assisting us to manage our waste better in the park, ” said Mr Dannie Pienaar, Acting KNP Managing Executive.

Nampak successfully conducted a training programme for staff on the operation of the system to ensure maximum beneficiation from this system. KNP staff working with the system are now equipped with a modernized recycling structure that makes the recycling process pleasant. Hygiene and safety standards have been improved to provide a healthy working environment for staff.

“Nampak’s support for waste disposal in the KNP, dates back to 2006 when the first animal proof dust bins were installed to prevent baboons from rummaging through camps. In 2010, Nampak installed 150 new prototype bins allowing for separation of waste at source. A total of 400 bins have been installed in the southern area camps since the commencement of the project,” says Fezekile Tshiqi, Group Human Resources Director and Chairman of the Group CSI Committee for Nampak.

“I stand here on behalf of SANParks as a proud man to unveil this facility today, I would ask all of you to join me as I clap hands and celebrate this gift that we are receiving today from our partners who made a generous contribution”, concluded Pienaar.

The new waste separation and recycling facility donated by Nampak

Issued by:
South African National Parks (SANParks) Kruger National Park Communications Tel: 013 735 4116

William Mabasa
GM: Communications and Marketing, Kruger National Park
Tel: 013 735 4363; Cell: 082 807 3919
Email: [email protected]
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Re: KNP launches advanced Waste Separation and Recycling Sys

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Thank you Lesego :thumbs_up: Well done Sanparks :clap: :clap: :clap: and best wishes with this waste management project.
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Re: KNP launches advanced Waste Separation and Recycling Sys

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Well done Sanparks and thank you Nampak :thumbs_up:
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Re: KNP launches advanced Waste Separation and Recycling Sys

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Thanks to Nampak on an excellent project. :thumbs_up: :clap:
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Re: KNP launches advanced Waste Separation and Recycling Sys

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Great project, thank you Nampak :thumbs_up:
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Re: KNP launches advanced Waste Separation and Recycling Sys

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Very happy that we have made some improvements and gained some momentum on this issue. Well done to SANPARKS and BIG thank you to Nampak for their contribution.

Now if everyone will do their little bit, we will have an eco-friendly recycling system.

Well done!! :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap:
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Re: KNP launches advanced Waste Separation and Recycling Sys

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:thumbs_up: :clap:
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Re: KNP launches advanced Waste Separation and Recycling Sys

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Well done Nampak and don`t forget the HR`s for their great contribution.
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Re: KNP launches advanced Waste Separation and Recycling Sys

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Well done Nampak, SANParks, and HR's! What a great innovation. :) :) :)
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