It is time to VOTE FOR YOUR LOGO!

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It is time to VOTE FOR YOUR LOGO!

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Dear 'mites

Choosing a logo to adopt for the SANParks Forums is indeed a momentous occasion on the SANParks Forum calendar. The response from forum members, ably led by the Dyna'mites, has been beyond expectation! A huge thank you to everyone who has been involved in the process up to this point. Thanks and a big well done to everyone who submitted designs - each one very special! You guys put a great deal of effort into your submissions, choosing a short list has not been easy at all.

After many hours of hard work poured into creativity, discussion, tweaking, a short'ish list of designs has been chosen by SANParks, the mods and the Dynamites. These will be listed in a poll. Each forum member must please choose their favourite five (5) from the short list of 17. (Forum Logo Poll : Round 1)

The poll will run until midday, Thursday 26 July, 2012. Thereafter the five designs with the most votes will go into the next, and final round to choose a single design as the SANParks Forums Logo.

The winning logo will be sent to professionals to tidy the design for ease of embroidering. We request that members vote for the concept, not just the best drawn design.

    Rules of the Forum Logo Poll : Round 1

    Link to Poll

    - Each forum member may vote for up to five (5) of their favourite designs on the list above. (if you do not select 5 at once, you cannot go back and add more votes.)

    - NO DISCUSSION or comments on the designs may be made once the poll opens.

    - NO CANVASSING of votes.

    - Round 1 Poll will run for two weeks, and close Thu Jul 26, 2012 12:16 pm.

    - The moderators will be monitoring for dual registrations and log ons to sway the vote; if caught this will result in an instant permanent ban.

    - If you wish to refresh on the discussions/explanations behind the designs, please refer to this Index.
- Dalene
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