Reviewed: SANParks Forum Moderators' Code of Conduct

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Reviewed: SANParks Forum Moderators' Code of Conduct

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1. Moderators are members of the SANParks forums who volunteer their time to assist SANParks in managing the forums. Moderators do not receive any remuneration from SANParks.

2. Moderators moderate the forums independent of SANParks.

3. Moderators will keep the SANParks forums clean, tidy and easy to read. At the moderators' discretion posts/topics will be edited or removed.

4. At the moderators' discretion, Private Messages may be sent to new members to notify them of any edits to their posts/topics, or a note may be left in the post/topic by the Moderators.

5. Moderators will assist members with technical help relating to posting of pictures, links etc.

6. Moderators will enforce the rules of the forums. Posts that transgress the rules will either be copied to the archives and edited, or removed and archived by the moderators. This will be done without consulting the poster. Such posts will remain on record and not be deleted. All formal communication with a moderator/forum assistant (via PM/email) will be discussed with the team and filed in the archives.

7. No moderator or member may tell another member what they should or should not write. As long as the members adhere to the "Rules for posting on the SANParks Forums", the moderators will not intervene.

8. Although there are rules with regards to the forum - "Rules for posting on the SANParks Forums" - moderators will use their discretion when it comes to moderation.

9. Moderators will not discuss disciplinary actions taken with members not affected. However, if deemed necessary banned members will be named by the moderators.

10. All decisions taken pertaining to the moderation of the SANParks forums are taken by the moderator team and are not taken by individual moderators.

11. Moderators act as a go between members and SANParks personnel and alert them to posts when necessary and suggestions to improve the forum or the website.

12. If you believe a moderator has not been adhering to the above Code of Conduct please feel free to PM or, where available, e-mail [email protected], or [email protected] to inform them of any inappropriate action.
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