Heritage File 1: South Africa's heritage

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Heritage File 1: South Africa's heritage

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South Africa is well known for its wealth of palaeontological, archaeological and historical sites. All of our National Parks has sites associated with our past.

Few people are aware that South Africa records of:

- the oldest evidence of life on earth
- the oldest multi-cellular animals
- the most primitive land-living plants
- the most distant ancestors of dinosaurs
- the most complete record of mammal evolusion
- a nearly complete record of human history from the last four million years.

Some of our National Parks have heritage sites open to the public and I hope to discuss and engage with Forum members on a number of these sites. The Parks do also contain a wealth of sites not accesiable to the public and I hope to give Forum members a short but informative insight into some of these sites too. I will also in the future touch on general subjects related to the management, current research, etc related to heritage.

So look out for File 2 in the near future!
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Re: Heritage File 1: South Africa's heritage

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Hi Micromammal :D

I hope that we hear a lot more.
I live in the Cradle area and I love walking around wondering what changes have happened over billions of years.

I am also looking for that fossil that is going to make me rich and famous and able to travel to Kruger as often as I wish :wink:
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