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Re: Insect ID needed

Unread post by Rusty Justy »

One of the Solifuge species....Known as Red Romans, Sun Spiders, or Kalahari Fararri's by some :D
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Re: Insect ID needed

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One of the funniest experiences I had with a Solifuge was when I had a german family here (their first time in Africa) and we bumped into a solifuge on a guided walk.

So get this, solifuges automatically run for the darkest place they can see if they feel threatened, right...
And 3 great big humans stomping around is pretty threatening to a solifuge, right...
And the darkest place in the solifuge's view would be a human shadow, right...

So the Kalahari Farrari charges towards the german woman's shadow.
German woman shrieks and starts running...
Solifuge charges even faster to get to shadow...
German woman shrieks louder and runs faster...
And so it carried on until I bottled the poor arachnid and released it later in a place where dark spots stand still...

I haven't laughed that much in ages...
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a spider

Unread post by Schlieck »

hi guys

but which one?
I saw the spider in in october on the porch of my bungalow in Satara.

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Re: a spider

Unread post by Yoda »

It's a Solifuge - otherwise known as a Red Roman, Camel Spider, Wind Scorpion

They are their own order of Arachnids
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