A Kruger visit during May 2021

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Re: A Kruger visit during May 2021

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We will still be complaining about the overrated s100 :twisted:
We will still be having countdowns to our next trip!
Still we will be fantasizing about our next trip ... which roads we will drive and what we might see.
There will still be new members saying they coming to SA for the first time and they need help with itinerary.
Then forumites will still give council from their experiences and knowledge which will benefit newcomers.:thumbs_up:
Forumites will still be forming friendships and having meets and greets :D
We will still be thinking of others we know are in the Kruger and be excited for them to start their Trip Report and find out how it went :D
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Re: A Kruger visit during May 2021

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Joao wrote:Maybe we can get there a bit faster by catching the Gautrain to Nelspruit.

Now that's a good idea!! :whistle: :whistle:
Missing my beloved Kruger!!!
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Re: A Kruger visit during May 2021

Unread post by Grantmissy »

Thanks for all the diverse and interesting viewpoints! :thumbs_up:
I personally find changes to how I know and experience things in life as unsettling and I do not like it very much.
But it is part of life and I have to prepare myself for those changes to make it easier for me and through reading the opinions and inputs of others and by providing my own regarding different matters on this forum, is one of the ways for me.
Many of the things mentioned that are dear to some are also part of my Kruger experience but I also know that it comes as part of a greater “package” that may not be meeting the expectations of other visitors or be even known to them.
Kruger therefore may have to change in some ways that will include the expectations of all visitors and I may find a different “package” (slightly hopefully :D ) during a visit to Kruger in 2021 than what is currently known to me.
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