ID needed/Plants of the arid region.

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Jon Richfield
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ID needed/Plants of the arid region.

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Hello, I am new here, but I like what I see!
One of my interests is the conservation value of sites that are not strictly parks, but incidentally protect or establish local ecologies by excluding harmful human activities. One example is nuclear power station territory surrounding eg Koeberg, and also its cooling water outlets into the sea. Another is the area around the nuclear waste repository at Vaalputs. I attach (I HOPE!) pictures I took of some delightful little plants in the viciously arid veld of Vaalputs. They may well also occur in the West Coast or Karoo Parks. Certainly some of their close relatives do.




These interest me especially because they share a characteristic that I observed in several families growing there: tiny plants with surprisingly large (though still small) inflorescences.

Incidentally, can anyone identify the tiny blue flower growing next to the Gazania?

In general, it is worth seeing just how many spp. one can see in some such pictures...


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Re: Tiny plants in arid area, inflorescences larger

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Hi Jon,

:D Welcome to the forum!

Glad to see someone interested in flowers!
Great photo of the Zaluzianskya (purple Drumsticks) :clap:

Your tiny blue flower next to the Gazania is a Wahlenbergia - not 100% sure which one but i would go for W. prostrata.
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Re: Plants of the arid region.

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Morning Arks

The last photos is maybe a Cleome gynandra
Annual....erect clusters of spider-like flowers.
Flowering time ..late summer to autumn
Found under tree,in disturbed areas and around pan edges

Also known as African cabbage,spider wisp, oorpeultjie, snotterbelletjie

Info from Flowering Plants of the Kalahari 164
Still checking others for you.
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