Bruce Bryden - A Game Ranger Remembers

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Bruce Bryden - A Game Ranger Remembers

Unread post by joekin »

Anyone else read this, i'm half way through, what a interesting book

def. worth the read
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Re: Bruce Bryden - A Game Ranger Remembers

Unread post by JaneBecker »

Read this earlier this year and absolutely loved it. I was so sorry to learn that he passed away recently..

MM met him personally a few years back..

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Re: Bruce Bryden - A Game Ranger Remembers

Unread post by iNkwazi »

Highly recommend it too. Awesome book. :thumbs_up:
Condolences to his family and friends.
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Re: Bruce Bryden - A Game Ranger Remembers

Unread post by Timepilot »

Picked it up last year during our SA visit and could'nt put it down. Re-read it in May this year and gleaned a few more insights again. Excellently written and very worth reading.
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Re: Bruce Bryden - A Game Ranger Remembers

Unread post by Cherries »

Picked up a good copy in a second hand book shop. Read 1/3 this afternoon so the dust mites thought that was a good decision!! :lol: :lol:

Very enjoyable and realistic.


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Re: Bruce Bryden - A Game Ranger Remembers

Unread post by KNP-Junkee »

Great book, read the part last night about the "Magnificent Seven" and how they had to help Mafunyane get up and on his feet again after they've darted him to do research, his tusks were so big that he could not swing his head around to get momentum to get on his feet.

Wish I could have been a fly in a tree when they got him up again as he caused havoc amongst all the vets and humans around him, and how Bruce had to get Mafunyanes attention away from the brand new Sanparks "bakkie" when he was having a charging at anything that moved or got in his range of vision. :lol:

Truly a legend - condolences to his family
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Re: Bruce Bryden - A Game Ranger Remembers

Unread post by Senyetse »

Busy with this book at the moment, I'm about 2/3s of the way through. Excellent, very interesting and entertaining, provides wonderful insight into the work of the guys at the forefront of conservation. Very very highly recommended for any Kruger lover. Fillled with action, humour, suspense, intrigue, mystery, the supernatural (yes supernatural!), comedy, tragedy, sadness, joy, science, history and much more.

Very sad that he passed away recently.
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Re: Bruce Bryden - A Game Ranger Remembers

Unread post by TheunsH »

Great book. :clap: :clap:

Once I’ve started I couldn’t put it down!!

This book by the late Bruce Bryden has it all…suspense, adventure, action, history, drama, betrayal, facts, etc, etc.

This book opens a window to the daily activities of some of our game rangers. Many of them have spent days and weeks in the bush hidden away and waiting for poachers. Some serious issues are raised as well, like the elephant culling issue, the current screening and appointment of guide/s and a section ranger with no or little shooting abilities, the potential of the Trans Frontier Park between SA, Zim and Moz, etc.

This book also opens a window to some of the employees of Kruger and many of them, including the late Bruce, can be described as “Men of Men”! They, and their wives living with them, were tough and many of them were roughing it out on a daily basis and as a way of life.

This book is highly recommended to everyone. I wish I could have met the late Bruce Bryden.
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Re: Bruce Bryden - A Game Ranger Remembers

Unread post by TreeQueen »

Bought this book in December 2010 and I must say it is just superb! I'm currently reading it now.

When I heard that Bruce had passed away I was so sad, when you read this book you kind of feel as if you know him personally.

I told my parents about this book and funny enough my parents responded by telling me that they had 'met him' in the Kruger a good few years ago. There was a kill alongside the road just km's away from Skukuza and the gates were closing soon. My parents were watching the vultures peck away at the dead giraffe when all of a sudden a blue bakkie pulled up and a man very sternly told them to get back to camp. My parents were thinking: hell! hows this random man telling us to get back to camp!!!"....

When back at Skukuza they spoke to one of the game rangers and they told them about this man in a blue bakkie. The ranger responded by saying that the man was Bruce Bryden, Senior Manager. Obviously the blue bakkie was 'Betsie' :D

Condolences to the family
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Re: Bruce Bryden - A Game Ranger Remembers

Unread post by ndloti »

Bruce bryden died from malaria contracted while holidaying in Mozambique , of the exact date I am unsure , probably early 2009 .
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Re: Bruce Bryden - A Game Ranger Remembers

Unread post by Josh of the Bushveld »

dovidal, have a read through this tribute thread
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Re: A Game Ranger Remembers

Unread post by Samster »

I absolutely loved Bruce Brydens book and it is a definate must read for anyone with a passion or interest in kruger. I particularly enjoyed the one story where after a mornings culling, one of bruce's colleagues went to visit the 'little boys room' as part of his morning ritual. Bruce and the fellow rangers proceeded to sneak up to the ablusions and loudly bang on the corregated iron walls. Needless to say he wasn't impressed :)

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Re: Bruce Bryden - A Game Ranger Remembers

Unread post by PigDogg »

Do not know if you remember me but my father(Tom Roy) and you met on a beer heritage tour a long time ago,we, being my family,visited you house in skukuza for an afternoon braai,the stories you told still play over in my mind till this day.Will definitely be keeping an eye out for your book.Say howzit to Hunt for me,i remember him as being someone i would of traded place's in a heart beat(except for his boarding school stories in Sabie).
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Re: Bruce Bryden - A Game Ranger Remembers

Unread post by duffy »

I keep this book on my bedside table and whenever I'm down I read a few chapters, (Go with God Bruce) and your wife, God bless you in Knysna and may you and your children live a happy life!!!! bruce and I were the same age and I went to Redhill school (boarding) and I do believe that Maritz Brothers was jyst down the street!!!! Crazy we never met, and yet we both had the same interests - Henriette you were an amazing wife - wow, the things you did were incredible, and such an inspiration is an amazing lesson to us all!!!!! Live your life as Bruce would have wanted you to!!!!!! Much love, Sally Reed, Gauteng!
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Re: Bruce Bryden - A Game Ranger Remembers

Unread post by hilda »

I have read this book a while ago, and will definitely read it again. I can definitely recommend it to any Kruger lover! It is a real eye-opener into a ranger's life. :thumbs_up:
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