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Re: Upcoming Eclipses

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Here are two more sensational shots. The first one was taken of this same eclipse but from Hungary. The photographer had a similar idea than me but clearly a better lens and also a better vantage point. His being on a much higher latitude means that the moon didn't climb as high in the sky making it possible for him to get the full eclipse fairly close to a foreground building.

The second one was taken of the March 4, 2007 eclipse from Iran. This guy left the lens open for the entire umbral and total stage of the eclipse. This resulted in a sort of star trail (in fact, you can see some star trails on the picture as well). Notice how the trail starts bright (full moon), fades to red (eclipsed moon), and then brightens again (full moon). Of course, this would have been far more difficult with the recent eclipse as it was a very long eclipse and would have required a shutter opening of something like 2.5 hours.
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