Re: Consequences of global warming on plants

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Re: Consequences of global warming on plants

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I am a Field Guide in the Letaba region of KNP.
It is most distressing that we have become so efficient in destroying the natural environment, that even our climate is now affected. It is amusing that with our intelligence, we have actually been the most stubborn of all living organisms. I find it shocking that we are completely exhausting all our natural resources (and of course losing beautiful large natural areas that will never exist again), with not much concern about it.
It is inspiring to see people making studies from it, hopefully with the intention of finding a miraculous solution.

We are seeing changes in the environment: E.g. (see some bird examples below),
- The mirgratory birds arrive back, only to find a shortage of food - because of late rains.
- Some birds keep their breeding plummage for a very long time (Eastern Paradise whydah)
- Some plant species have been flowering at really odd times of the year
I am sure there are many other examples of animals AND PLANTS. As far as I know, Colophospermum mopane is being looked at. The Mopane tree thrives is warm climates, perhaps to the detriment of other species. If you have not yet, it would be a good idea to look at that tree. I think it would also be interesting to know which species are most efficient at reducing carbon dioxide.

I hope you will receive more feedback about this. I will let you know if I or some of my more experiened colleagues notice other unusual things.

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Re: Consequences of global warming on plants

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It goes much further than just a few species of plants or animals, it's all interconnected. That will be a hard study!
For example: the bees here in Europe are slashed, partially by two diseases.
Now that's nice when you're on a terrace drinking a fruitdrink, but almost all plants here rely on bees for pollination....
Including foodstocks like grain! Last year I could count the bees seen almost with my fingers and toes... And I'm not overdoing that statement!
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Re: Consequences of global warming on plants

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Keep in mind that as average temperatures rise, species that thrive in warmer environments e.g. Colophospermum mopane, the Mopane tree, may become "invasive" as they expand their range further south (in the southern hemisphere) into areas where they are not historically found.

The bottom line being that temperate species (animals and plants) are likely to suffer the most from global warming, be it from the climate directly or the new suite of competitors that are better suited to the new environmental conditions.
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