H1-2 Skukuza to Tshokwane

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H1-2 Skukuza to Tshokwane

Unread post by DotDan »

I see that there is no thread about this particular road.
I would like to drive this tar road this coming weekend, but have never driven it, so would like some suggestions about stops, particular area's to look for sightings and just general sightings seen on this road. :)
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Unread post by binkybozo »

It has been two years since we drove that road (we drove the H10 this year) but the H1-2 hasn't been too bad for us.
We have always seen lots of elephants and giraffe in on this road, oh and don't forget the Orpen memorial and the Kruger tablets are on this road as well.
We have heard of a lot people seeing lion kills when you get closer to Tshokwane but we have yet to see one in that area.
There are also several pans on that road, don't know if they are dry but where there is water there is sure to be some type of game.
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Unread post by jakoventer »

I never ever miss this road. Have seen the big 5 and Wild dog on most occasions.

The best was a leopard cleaning itself right next to the road, close to Siloweni dam, leopard at leeupan, lions in sand river, excellent male lions at Mantimahle Dam, and to much more to mention.

A definate must, with most sightings being between the 2 low water bridges, except those mentioned above.
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Unread post by alf »

No luck for me on this road but if you pass Tshokwane towards Satara about 16km after Tshokwane you get a gravel road of about 4km long just after N'watinungu pan. It crosses the river a few times. There i have seen lion everytime. Even a lion kill 40m from road.
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Unread post by MarkWildDog »

I have had no luck on the road itself, besides the common general game.
I recommend you stop at the Orpen dam picnic spot instead of the busy Tshokwane and after Orpen dam take the s34 and then down the s36 where you must most definitely stop at Mazimhlope!
This route is really deserted but for me most fruitful!
You can spot the animals you least expect to see on these roads.
There is a very very good chance of spotting sable, wild dog, serval, caracal and leopard on these routes.
The view of Mazimhlope is plain glorious.
I always prefer the gravel roads over the tar roads. 8)
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Unread post by G@mespotter »

This is a very good road....saw Lion, ellies buffs, honey badger, leopard stalking impalas etc....too much to name. I recon on of the better roads :D
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Unread post by Elsa »

As with any road in Kruger its all about timing and luck, but we have seen over the years, Leopard, Lions, plenty Ellies, Buffalo great bird sightings and plenty more.

If early, take the Maroela Loop, and Elephants water hole loop, call in at Leeupan, Silowini has had to be drained so not much there at present.
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Unread post by DotDan »

gerharddb wrote:Not much luck on this road besides a cheetha kill and a few sightings of lion.

but its a good road to travel Id say.

Geez what more do you want? :lol: :lol:
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Unread post by saraf »

There's some lovely little loops down to the river on the west side of the road. Got a really good view of bush buck and naturally behaving (i.e. not begging) monkeys.

Saw a couple of lions asleep at the Olifantsbad waterhole.
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Unread post by Wild@Heart »

Well besides the 2 black manes lions .. not much .. If you drive the gravel road left to it (S36) .. You might have the joy of experience the following:

1. Driving on probably one of the most corrugated roads in the park.
2. Enjoy a caracal at 8h00 in the morning.
3. and the myths you hear of people spotting Sable (which in my not at all humble opinion are people mistaking Waterbuck for Sable) :twisted:
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Unread post by leelee »

One of the upcoming tuskers, Mambrrr, died last year :cry: a few km north from the Orpen memorial.
We travelled with the ranger to the site in the veld where they tried to pull the tusks from the skull - not successful then. (Eish, the smell!!!! :? )
When we left, the ranger had a flat tyre just before the tar road, but still out of sight.
My hubbie and daughter (aged 3) walked away for safety precautions.
They sat on a termite heap in clear view of the tar road.
Most of the cars drove by without seeing them, but a few: :shock: :shock: :shock: slammed on brakes!
How is that for an unusual sighting on the road?
PS: They managed to remove the tusks later on - they had to pull it out instead of chopping it off because the skull and tusks will be on display @ museum in Letaba.
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Unread post by mitch »

Have seen Black *** at Leeupan, right out in the open...

This is one of my favorite roads, as well as the tar road between Tshokwane and Lower sabie.

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Unread post by Meandering Mouse »

I really enjoy this road. I try to stop at each dam and just wait a while.

I also enjoy looking at the Kruger tablets. There is something so "Krugerish" about it.
I love the small koppies dotted at certain points and the wide eco diversity in such a small area.

Game wise, I have often seen Lion. My most memorable experience was seeing 4 of the big 5 within about 200 metres.
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Unread post by Bush Baptist »

This has consistently been a good road for us.

Over the years we have seen many great sightings along it, including a LIT that turned into a LOG on our last trip.
Our first serval was also on this road, and we have seen lions (and my dad saw doggies) at Leeupan, eles (and buffs and a ***) an Elephant waterhole, and lions stalking buffs at Silolweni dam, where the leopard took out the crocodile. We also saw 4 cheetah cross the road. More convincing needed?
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Re: H1-2 Skukuza to Tshokwane

Unread post by Grantmissy »

This road is one of the Kruger routes where we most often see herds of elephant. Last November month new born impala –plenty! In May this year lion. For us the road from Skukuza to Tshokwane is somehow a very “Kruger type” of route, probably the most “Kruger type” of route in the entire Kruger, if that is possible :) :thumbs_up: .
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