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Moderator's Helpline

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Help us keep our forum the best one on the www that there is!

- Have you noticed spam posted on the forum?

- Do you see a topic that is a duplicate and needs to be merged; or has gone 'off topic'?

- Are the forum rules being broken?

- Has someone posted personal information such as a cell number or email address on the forum?

Please do not hesitate to contact any of The Mod Team. We request that in cases such as the above you only contact the mods via PM (or email) or use the 'report a post' ( ! ) option, and please do not post on the forum.

Dealing with members on the above issues is the responsibility of the moderators. Members are please not to 'moderate' other members on the forums; either via PM or on the open forums.

Thank you in advance!
The Mod Team
- Dalene