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Re: The "whoow" sighting or event in KNP

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This Leopard kill happened during our first visit to Kruger in 2004.
We were driving on the S25 towards BnD at about 15:15 in the afternoon.
I can remember a silver Toyota Condor came towards us and just as we passed them the road made a small turn and there he was, in the middle of the road.
We were so amazed by what we were seeing.
The Condor must've missed it by seconds, the impala was still alive when we arrived.
But it was still an amazing sighting and one that I wish I can see again as I will appreciate it just so much more this time around!
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Re: Luckiest day ever!

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Feb 14th, 2012 - After a quiet drive from LS to CB we were slowly making our way back via a small dirt track when a movement caught my eye.
I saw a lean figure loping down the road and my heart began pounding, I am crazy about leopards and was hoping desperately to have a good sighting.
Something wasn't quite right though and even as my brain registered it my husband shouted - cheetah!!
Our first sighting EVER and we were utterly spoiled by not one or even two but three cheetahs, mom and her two babies.
They lazed around posing for us like super models and as they languidly arose to continue their journey I was thrilled by our encounter but then it got even more interesting.
One of the cubs walked behind our vehicle and the next moment I heard a clatter and scraping.
He had jumped on top of our car and was having a good chew on our aerial!
After a few minutes of pacing around on the roof he decided to follow his family and jumped down leaving us pinching ourselves in disbelief.
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Re: Luckiest day ever!

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Awesome AndreaB :thumbs_up:

Your car was probably the highest thing around so he was probably looking for prey - and playing a bit.
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