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Re: Your most special sighting ever...

Unread post by Elsa »

Our special sighting had to be the one we saw this recent trip in Kruger!

We were all on our own and were with them for about 20 minutes.

59 4425586890_65e3c34a0b.jpg
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Re: Your most special sighting ever...

Unread post by Elsa »

ils wrote:WOW Elsa!! You really did have a very special sighting!! Where did you guys see them?
It was on the Mahonie Loop near Punda Maria. We decided to turn down the little road leading to Witsand WH and there they were. :D
No sign of the Mama tho.
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Re: Your most special sighting ever...

Unread post by mattib »

:lol: Image


:yaya: Take a look at my Lion TR
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Re: Your most special sighting ever...

Unread post by Sky »


Those caracel are very special. Only ever saw caracal in KTP. I have also had magic sightings in Kruger. Saw wild dog take down an Impala right next to the road. Impala crossed in front of the vehicle and 4 dogs behind us. Saw lioness take an impala near Berg and Dal. Saw leopar3 times in a day one being 3 leopards together. The best ever must be seeng a crowned eagle. Were driving on the s17 just north of Gudzani dam and heard a strange sound . Saw a baby crowned eagle itting behind a young leadwood tree. It's parent flew up into a nearby tree with a francolin in 1 paw. A truly amaing sight. First and only time I have ever seen a crowned eagle in the wild.
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Re: Has this ever happened to you ?

Unread post by RUMURUTI »

Indeed Sprocky! stop, wait, listen and look!
My little surprises when I did it!
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Re: 12 Times big 5 IN 8 days !!!

Unread post by Hitman »

okie wrote:wow :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

Just one question : were they in 12 groups each containing ellie , *** , buff , lion and leopard , or did you see each one of the big 5 seperately 12 times :hmz:

Yea...we had leopard ,lion,ellie,rino and buffalo each 12 times.

Like I've said....we were very blessed !!!!
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Re: 6 Male lion pride in Croc Bridge area, confirm ??

Unread post by Gunner »

Attention w1tw0lf and company!!! :twisted:

The following on the 10th of January 2011 on the H4-2 tar road, just about 2km outside the Crocodile Bridge Camp between the S25 and S28 sand roads in Kruger National Park.
We left camp in the early part of the morning and didn’t have to drive too long before we seen the yellow eyes of Lions!

At first we thought it was a Pride, but as dawn broke its light we realised something extraordinary and unusual.
We counted 2 male Lions, then a 3rd head lifted up from the tall grass and soon another 2!
We couldn’t believe our luck, 5 male Lions together! But then from nowhere a 6th male Lion lifted his head! A coalition of 6 Male Lions sitting not more than 20 meters from us, this was something special!
We sat with them for about 45 minutes before they decided to move on.
It looked like these brutes were on a serious mission, perhaps a pride take-over? The only other sighting that I know of where there were more than 6 Male Lions seen together, was the famous Mapogo coalition of the Sabie Sands.
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Re: 6 Male lion pride in Croc Bridge area

Unread post by steamtrainfan »

Here are my pics of this coalition. Not as good as Gunners as they were very very sleepy at the time and totally inactive.

Here are 5 of them. The 6th one was lying away on the left of these 5 and I could not get him in the shot.

DSC_1588 (Medium) by Richard Gillatt, on Flickr

The one with the blue eye.

DSC_1626.1JPG (Medium) by Richard Gillatt, on Flickr

If someone can kind of join the two pics below - one to the left of the tree and the other to the right of the tree - we might see all 6 together except that the one in the middle has moved.

DSC_1621 (Medium) by Richard Gillatt, on Flickr

DSC_1601 (Medium) by Richard Gillatt, on Flickr

Lets hope that this is not the last we see of these 6 guys.
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Re: 6 Male lion pride in Croc Bridge area

Unread post by Anja Barnard »

On 27 April 2010 on the S28 about 1km from Nthandanyati.
We found a male and female lying under a tree early morning.
We then noticed that something in the tree has there attention and saw the lioness in the tree.

The lioness became even more stressed and was peeking towards Nthandanyati's side.

We then noticed another 2 males coming from Nthandanyati's side. One of them was blue eye

The one initially laying under the tree was not happy.
Another 2 appeared from the back of the road.
We then also noticed a sixth one laying a few metres behind the tree.

The 2 coming from Nthandanyati's side and the 2 arriving from the back seemed like a coalition as the 4 immediately joined.

There was a total of 6.
One under the tree with lioness, another a few metres behind the tree and the other 4 were then lying down very close by.
The lioness in the tree were terrified.
We had to leave and did not see what happened, but according to Scary Cat, she got out later that afternoon and escaped.
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Re: Share your great sightings in Kruger here

Unread post by Crested Val »

1976 - First ever ever cheetah sighting near Paul Kruger Gate!!


1979 - First ever ever lion sighting - enjoying the shade near Pretoriouskop!!


1979 - Lioness chasing a baboon and both ran in front of us through the reeds near Lower Sabie!!
(Sadly no time for a photo!!)

2002 - Lions and wild dog sharing a waterhole on H1-4.
(Sadly too far away for a photo!)

2009 - Lion and cheetah sightings just as we were due to leave the park on S28 within a couple of minutes of each other. We had been in the park a week, and had given up hope that we would see either as time went on!!



2010 - First lilac breasted roller and grey heron sightings, since becoming interested in birding.



2010 - 20 lions in one sighting, though photos taken separately, and only a selection!!




Loads more but you'd soon get bored!!!!
If you're not already!!
Missing my beloved Kruger!!!
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"Windgat" Kidnapper

Unread post by Fankie »

Hi Everyone

Having grown up on the front stoep of the Kruger (Phalaborwa), its only natural that I have had more trips into the Park than I can remember.
All I can say is that each and everyone was a real special occasion, a real treat, even if the midsummer heat was a bit of a problem in the 60's and 70's - air-cons in cars were unheard of back then!

It was a Sunday in the early 70's, and my old man thought it would be a good idea to take a drive to Olifants camp for lunch.
My mum had to work, and did not come with us.

After a pretty uneventful couple of hours on the road to Letaba, my dad turned into the S69 loop.
As we approached the first dip through the river, we noticed a car parked in the river bed.
Driving slowly up to the car, we all had a good look around, but saw nothing.
My dad then asked the driver of the other car what he had seen, and we were told to be patient as the object of interest would be back soon.

Sure enough, about 3 minutes later a youngish (teenager?) baboon came down from the opposite river bank, and plonked himself down on the rocks about 10m from the two cars.
He then made a great spectacle of showing us his prize, a very small leopard cub.
He "mothered" it as best he could, but obviously the cub was not at all happy and make this pretty obvious to everyone within hearing distance.

The baboon was pretty nervous (I would also be If I had stolen a leopard's kid) and after about 10 minutes he decided that the show was over.
He simply turned around and went back to the river bank to the safety of his troop.
We stayed on for some considerable time, but that was it - he didn't come back for a curtain call.

My dad took a number of photos, but due to the special nature of the sighting he got the exposure totally wrong :redface: - with the old telephoto lenses, one had to open the aperture to get enough light into the viewfinder to focus, and then close it again to the correct value before pressing the shutter.
Of course my dad in his nervousness forgot to close the aperture ring, and the shots were all overexposed by some 3 to 4 stops.

BTW - the driver of the other car also made a number of good quality :lol: photographs and sold them to a local magazine if I remember correctly - possibly even made it into the Custos magazine of the time.

Cheers till next time
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Re: "Windgat" Kidnapper

Unread post by Fankie »

Sorry to disappoint you Roxy, Elsa and Flutterby .........and all other curious Mites - no happy end here.

The baboon took the cub with him when he disappeared into the vegetation with his troop. Suppose that's the way nature works.

Glad to have been able to share the sighting with you all

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Re: Share your great sightings in Kruger here

Unread post by jb72 »

While driving along the S41 on Sunday we saw a juvenile Bateleur that had caught a scrub hare.
He had just sat down on the road to start his feast when suddenly loads of vultures descended onto him.
He did not even get one taste.
It was incredible - in less than 2 minutes there were about 10 vultures on the scrub hare and the poor Bateleur had to watch from a nearby tree.
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Re: Luckiest day ever!

Unread post by FlorisCathy »

Carpe Diem, every day in Kruger is a lucky day.

If you mean lucky game viewing days:

And in April 2010 we had about whole big 5 on one day, including 20 fighting lions... cowl, we have that on video:
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Re: The "whoow" sighting or event in KNP

Unread post by Rookie »

I went to KNP (or any game park for that matter) for the first time in 2009, so my first "woohoo" moment was probably the first Impala and Zebra we saw! :redface:

We came within about 2 m of 2 *** grazing happily on the side of the road and I was amazed at their sheer size! :shock:

I have since been back 3 times and each time I see something special, but I must say that my recent trip at the beginning of the month probably yielded some of my best "WooooooW" sightings.

We stayed at Tamboti and the weather was, to say the least, shocking, but early on the Wednesday morning, I opted to go out while the rest of the family slowly got out of bed and showered ( and no, that was not the wow sighting!! :lol: :redface: :twisted: ) and I made my way along the H7 towards Satara.
There was not much going on, so I headed back to camp and just as I got to the turnoff, I saw what I though was a BBJ.
I was so excited to see as I approached that it was actually a pack of 13 wild dogs.
This is one of the things on my wish list.
They had evidently been chasing the BBJ that were there as well and the Hyena which was also in the area. :dance: :dance:

We then moved to Pkop for a couple of days, with my hubby, daughter and her boyfriend leaving on the Friday evening to fly home and back to the UK, leaving my older daughter and myself in the park until the Sunday.
On the Saturday morning, we decided to go down towards LS as there was a lot of activity in that area and as we got the the crossroads near Skukuza, we spotted a couple of cars and the car in front of us did a U-turn and said "Lions", so we dutifully followed......there were 2 male lion visible, walking very slowly through the bush and as I glanced down the road, I spotted a couple of buffalo and realised that they were hunting.
I moved past the cars watching the lions and pulled up next to the buffs.
We didn't have to wait long when all h*ll broke loose and the buff came crashing through the bush just in front of the car, the 1 lion ran down next to the car and they cornered the 1 buff!
As it tried to turn and run, it lost its footing on the tar and the 1 lion was on its back in a flash!
Any rodeo rider would have been proud of the way the buff bucked and lion hung on for dear life!
As much as I said that I NEVER wanted to see a lion kill, I couldn't move away. :?

There were actually 3 males, with 2 of them doing most of the work and it took them over 15 minutes to finally bring the buff down and kill it.
There was none of the guts and gore that I expected, but I did feel really sorry for the buff. :(

On the same evening we saw a lion go for a calling cheetah where he managed to "ankle tap" it, but the cheetah got away and the following morning, the same calling cheetah had a run in with a leopard, but again managed to survive.
He was almost teasing the leopard to come and chase him! :twisted:

Not sure how we are going to top what we have seen so far, but we will hope for something more each time.
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