SA MEETS 2008 Cape Town meets Icurrie - 15 May 2008

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Cape Town KTP Fanatics -July 2008

Unread post by Caracal »

Firstly you do not have to be a KTP Fanatic to join in....we will tolerate Krugermites as well :wink:
I would like to host a KTP Picture Pizza evening on Friday 18th July 2008.
The idea is to bring along some photos, video clips or stories for us to drool over.....order pizzas when we are hungry... drink when we are thirsty.....and just chat about what makes us all tick.....KTP/Sanparks/Forum etc...
There are many Cape Town forumites that have recently been to KTP and have plenty of experiences to let's get on with it !!!!
Let's do what us Cape Town Forumites do !!!! :dance:
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Unread post by Caracal »

Hi everybody...
Just to recap ..
So far...
Dreamer & SO
Mashona and SO
Gavinw and Wannabe nerd
jb72 & SO
BB ????
C & K. O'Dee ????
Pooky & SO and Desert Ship ????
Wanderw ????
BabyNel and SO ???
P@M ?????

The idea is that everybody brings their own drinks...we will order take away pizza when we are hungry..oh by the way..Dreamer is a dab hand at making if you would like to partake in this ..please bring a bottle of red wine for the pot..and don't forget the photos/dvd/video clips/whatever !!!

I am disappearing for a week but I will be back on the 13th July...I will then update this thread...but in the meantime....get ready to party! :dance: :wink:
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Durban meet-August 2008

Unread post by rayb »

We will be in Durban for a couple of days 12th/13th August if anyone fancies meeting up for a beer and chat?
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Unread post by Caracal »

Shew..look at the time..01h10..and the last person has just left!! That can only mean we had a good time..... :dance: :dance: :dance:
Thanks to everybody that was able to make it and to those who couldn't..well we will hopefully see you next time!!!!
I have seen some wonderful photos is amazing how different each person 's trip to the park is.

AND we met some new forumites tonight..a huge big welcome to Bigal and SO as well as Desert Ship and SO. It was great to meet you and to all the other well known was great to see you all again !!!!! :dance: :dance: :dance:
A big thank you to Dreamer for keeping us well oiled with gluhwein, to BabyNel for her surprise cake ( will post photo tomorrow) and to J.D.O and BabyNel for organising our takeouts!!!!

And now...I think this :littleangel: needs her bed!!!
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Unread post by Dreamer »

Pics of the meet...well, sorry, none that I know of. Got carried away looking at everyones videos and photo presentations and forgot :redface:
However, did think of it a bit later when time for 'pudding came along.
A talented Baby Nel spoilt us by making a decorating a cake to add to the spirit of our KTP Fans meeting. Well Done and Thanks Baby Nel :D , don't think you were around when we all enjoyed it :clap: :clap:
At home...... dreaming of next trip to KTP
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Unread post by wildtuinman »


Pjw wrote:Dotty and SO
2 friends of Dotty
Bunny Hugger
Pjw and SO
Game spotter
BIgMan and (SO?)
Laine and ??evil twin??
Sioux (pencilled in)
Loams (possible)
Ndloti (tentatively)
Jackie Czeredrecki
Kathy sa & Les
Tshukudu, Charms & Cheetera
Beeltelgeuse & mads
Scipio. Scorpin & 2 spiders
Joekin & "BB's Mother-in-law"

See all of you then

Pjw wrote:26july 7pm at the Dros in Cresta.
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Unread post by Meandering Mouse »

I had a lovely time last night.
It was great to see Dotty and SO 8) Also super to meet up with her friends.
Thanks to all who attended for a lovely atmosphere and good conversation.
:clap: :clap: :clap:

I am sure that there will be more feedback later.
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Unread post by JenB »

It was great meeting Dots and SO and ya all! :clap:
I do believe, though..... the Dros might never be the same again... :twisted:
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Unread post by Pjw »

Morning All. We had a great meet last night. I met a lot of "Mites in the flesh. Company was good and there was a lot of laughter. It was very special to meet Dotty, her So and their friends. There were about 25 of us in all and I know I enjoyed myself, I'm sure everyone else did :lol:
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Unread post by cheetera »

morning all, it was very nice to see everyone again, and dotty it was very nice to finally meet you :clap: and i hope you enjoy the rest of your stay :mrgreen:
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Unread post by Dotty »

Managed to get a connection this morning :roll: Thank you for last night all Enjoyed it very much so did SO
.@ BIGMAN pleese post the pics.
Mine did not turn out very well :(
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Unread post by Betelgeuse »

Dotty wrote:
Enjoyed it very much so did SO

Feeling is mutual! Thank you all for a good time; I was delighted to meet fellow forumites! :D
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Unread post by DavenJan »

We had a great time last night. Pleasure to meet Dotty and SO, and so many other new people. Special thanks to Dotty from Jan.

Lots of photos were taken, should we be afraid? No, we probably caused the problems with Dotty's pics!
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Unread post by Bigman »

I really enjoyed the meet. Thank you everyone and especially my smoking partners :twisted:

Enjoyed meeting with Dotty and Derrick and their friends Bob and Angie. Hope you have a wonderful trip to Wilderness. :mrgreen:

Meeting all the other forumites was also a great treat. This was my first meet, but definitely not the last. Next time I am going to stay over so that I don't have to leave so early.

My internet connection is super slow today. I will post the pictures in the next day or so.

If any attendees have objections to their photos being posted, please let me know soonest! :lol:

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Unread post by Mads »

Thanks for a lovely time last night! :dance: I really enjoyed it!

Dotty & SO:Thanks for the presents. Good to meet you and enjoy Wilderness.

Thank you to every one who organised last night! :clap: It was nice meeting everybody! :lol:
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