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"The Resolution Room"

Posted: Wed Feb 13, 2008 1:25 pm
by Wild@Heart
Hi forumites,

In response to a great suggestion by Wildtuinman, a new area has been created called "The Resolution Room".

This is a hidden area that can be used by any forumite to liase directly with the moderators in a closed environment. The main purpose of this area will be to assist and try to resolve any issues, unhappiness or suggestions that a forumite may have, that he/she does not wish to discuss on the open forum.

The member will be invited to this area when he/she requests a moderator to do so to discuss anything. If there is currently someone in this area, we will inform the member that once the other matter is resolved, when he/she can access this area. This is to ensure that we focus on resolving matters and to ensure that the member has our personal attention and ensure we don't get side tracked from the matter at hand.

All matters discussed in that forum are confidential and will not be seen by other members unless the member wishes to do so. When you request access to this area, and you feel that you need someone else there, you are more then welcome to request a mod to invite that person as well. Once a matter has been resolved, the area is cleared of any posts, so no one will be able to view previous discussions in that forum.

We would like to encourage all forumites to make use of this forum to make their experience on this forum a great time in your lives. This forum is for you as forumites, and you dictate what happens in there when your have access there. The moderators team will be at your disposal to help or try resolve any matter that you may have.

Please do not hesitate to contact any of the moderators if you require any more assistance or information.

Kind regards,
The Mod Team