Ratel Pan Hide

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Unread post by Stoffel »

I am not very updated about the different hides. Where is Ratelpan hide?
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Unread post by Foxy »

On the S39 close to Timbavati Picnic site
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Unread post by wildtuinman »

francoisd wrote:Ratelpan has been deteriorating for the past couple of years so we just pass it these days, not worth stopping.

Saw a very nice green-backed Camaroptera there recently.
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Unread post by Bush Baptist »

Saw Openbill stork there in December, but not much else. The vegetation in front on one side also blocks the view.
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Ratel at Ratelpan

Unread post by Richprins »

Bush Baptist wrote: BTW has anyone seen a ratel (honey badger) in that area?

In the book by Nussey and Paynter they state that they did indeed see a ratel there, which would have been over 20 years ago!

(Still the best Kruger book by far!)
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Unread post by Wild about cats »

Saw 2 honey badgers crossing the road about half a km from the hide. There was water and yellow billed and Openbilled storks, and we saw a Spoonbill there. The hide was in bad shape, but it was worth it.
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Re: Photos of picnic spots and hides

Unread post by Mauxie »

I always take photos of the hides and picnic sights I visit.

These I took in July last year, are of Ratelpan Hide on the S39, Timbavati Road, near the Timbavati picnic site.

The first one is of the entrance to the hide


These two are of the view from inside the hide...


and left views.
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Re: Ratel Pan Hide

Unread post by adw »

Its been a long time since somebody posted on this thread.
In November 2010 and January 2011 I visited this bird hide on a number of occasions.
Everything is fine, clean and the door automatically closes.
ON 13/11/2010 I arrived in the afternoon to an empty hide.
No one else around although quite a few cars passed without stopping.
On the other side of the river bed were 13 lions resting in the afternoon heat.
I stayed sometime as I had already driven a fair amount in the morning.
It was interesting to watch the Lions as they rested and on 2 occasions two females stalked Impala unsuccessfully.
I know the photo shows 12 lions but the 13th one was just out of view.
Later in the afternoon a family arrived, looked out of the hide saw 'nothing' and started to leave.
I asked if they had seen the lions.
Where? they shouted.
After pointing them out they blushed ever so slightly!
Four days earlier at this hide I witnessed a lone female trying to catch a Buffalo from a herd that had been resting in the riverbed.
The buffalo scattered and regrouped and a couple of bulls turned on her and she had to back off!

Here is a photo of the pride.
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Re: Ratel Pan Hide

Unread post by oddesy »

ADW, that is the kind of sighting I wish I would have at a hide :mrgreen: :mrgreen: Thanks for sharing. Did have a nice sighting of two sunbirds and a hippo there in december.
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Re: Ratel Pan Hide

Unread post by BlackHarrier »

Saw a male Buffalo in the ratelpan hide parking lot on Sunday afternoon... Lots of water but no birds unfortunately!
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Re: Ratel Pan Hide

Unread post by Sparrow »

adw this was taken on the 16th Oct 2012 and maybe could be part of the same pride?

I never just go past any hide really as the saying goes right place right time.

Image069 by Russelg, on Flickr
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Re: Ratel Pan Hide

Unread post by Elsa »

We enjoy that hide but have mainly seen birds there to date, lovely to spend an hour or so there in Feb when they are all building nests and looking stunning in breeding plumage.
Will have to scan more carefully in future in case I miss Lions! 8)
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Re: Ratel Pan Hide

Unread post by Kaapsedraai »

Ratelpan hide has been good to me and fond memories since my first visit to Kruger in May'09.

2009 May - My first sighting of Saddle-billed storks and was blown away about this.

2010 we only stayed in the southern section

2011 Dec - massive buffalo herd passing through and was amazing to sit there and observe. We also say large elephant herd on a second visit.

2012 Dec - very quiet with only some birds around.

2013 Dec & 2014 Jan - extremely quiet and did not even take a photo as there was nothing.

One never knows, but is a nice spot to do a leg stretch after a long drive on the S39.
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